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Helping refugees and other displaced people worldwide
Since 1956

Helping refugees and other displaced people worldwide

27 Jul 2024

The Role of Multipurpose Cash Assistance in Yemen's Conflict Recovery

18 Jul 2024

Disability Inclusion in Action - Meet Nyagieth, Graduate of DRC the Girls Shine Program

11 Jul 2024

Proposed U.S. asylum rule limits access to protection and fuels increase in vulnerability

09 Jul 2024

Joint Statement: New EU leadership must uphold the right to asylum in Europe

04 Jul 2024

Continued support and protection from refoulement are needed for Syrian refugees

02 Jul 2024

Stories from the field: Towards greener food systems in Mozambique

30 Jun 2024

Videos: Cash Consortium of Yemen

30 Jun 2024

PHOTO STORY: Cash Consortium of Yemen - Harmonized Multi-Purpose Cash Assistance to Meet Critical Basic Needs Among Vulnerable Households

29 Jun 2024

Press Release: Empowering Vulnerable Yemeni Families Through Multipurpose Cash Assistance

29 Jun 2024

Multipurpose Cash Assistance: Empowering Lives and Building Resilience in Yemen

29 Jun 2024

Reviving Yemen: The Transformative Power of Multipurpose Cash Assistance

29 Jun 2024

The Impact of Multipurpose Cash Assistance on Yemen's Displaced Families

29 Jun 2024

Multipurpose Cash Assistance: Supporting the Basic Needs of Families Amidst Yemen's Conflict

28 Jun 2024

Press Release: Impact of CCY's Programme in Strengthening the Resilience of Yemen's Vulnerable Communities

27 Jun 2024

Determination even in Displacement - Resilience of Yemen's People

27 Jun 2024

Hope Amidst the Chaos: The Impact of the Cash Consortium of Yemen’s MPCA Programme

27 Jun 2024

Multipurpose Cash Assistance: Helping Women Cope During Conflict

26 Jun 2024

Multipurpose Cash Assistance: Empowering Families to Overcome Adversity in Yemen

24 Jun 2024

Agency and resilience amidst Sudan’s ceaseless war: Supporting refugees in White Nile to protect their communities

24 Jun 2024

Multipurpose cash support for complex civil documentation cases in Iraq

21 Jun 2024

Upholding the promises of the Cartagena Declaration

20 Jun 2024

From Refugee to a Humanitarian Worker: The Inspirational Journey of Oler Joseph Abulemoi on World Refugee Day

20 Jun 2024

Record number of people displaced due to war, conflict and climate change

20 Jun 2024

Burkina Faso: Celebrating the capacity for resilience on World Refugee Day

19 Jun 2024

Ukraine: “I was pulled out of a 5-metre deep crater” — victim of shelling

19 Jun 2024

From Struggle to Triumph: Achan Victoria's Journey

19 Jun 2024

From Refugee to Digital Entrepreneur: Said Abdullahi Aden’s Journey to Success

18 Jun 2024

Resilience Amidst Crisis: Inside the Life of Diba and her family as one of Ethiopia's Displaced Families

13 Jun 2024

Press Release: Uganda Cash Consortium secures € 7.2 Million grant to expand cash assistance for Refugees in Uganda

13 Jun 2024

New report: 120m people forced to flee globally

07 Jun 2024

Ukraine: “A shell hit our house, exploding just four meters away from our bed” ‒ Olena

06 Jun 2024

IDPs returning from Kurdistan camps find areas of origin without support or services

04 Jun 2024

DRC reached millions of people with crucial support in 2023

02 Jun 2024

A letter from a youth leader involved in social cohesion

31 May 2024

Ukraine: Empowering food security — DRC’s initiative in Ukraine's agricultural heartlands

30 May 2024

Joint statement: New EU Development Approach Threatens Decades of Progress

29 May 2024

Carsten Stendevad elected new Chair of the Danish Refugee Council

29 May 2024

Syrians Left Hanging with Lowest Levels of Funding as Humanitarian Needs Hit Highest Levels in Thirteen Years of Crisis

28 May 2024

Joint Statement: NGOs demand UN Security Council enforce ICJ orders on Israel’s actions in Rafah

28 May 2024

Emergency response in Nigeria

28 May 2024

Accidental Spread of Contaminated Land Poses Deadly Threat to Safe Areas

28 May 2024

GAZA: New crossing points and ‘floating dock’ are cosmetic changes, as humanitarian access disintegrates in Gaza, warn aid agencies

27 May 2024

Inaction will have devastating consequences for Syrian people, warn aid agencies

22 May 2024

Strength in Adversity: Navigating Multiple Displacements in Sudan's Darfur Region

21 May 2024

Q&A on the flooding status of Dadaab Refugee Camp in Kenya

21 May 2024

Q&A on the flooding status of Kakuma Refugee Camp in Kenya

16 May 2024

Kindness amidst conflict: How DRC is supporting communities in South Kordofan, Sudan to meet the needs of their most vulnerable members

14 May 2024

Rebuilding Hope: A Father's Journey from Natural Shock

13 May 2024

94 NGOs in Sudan call for the safeguarding of telecommunications infrastructure and services

09 May 2024

Zainab’s story: A courageous mother providing food for her children

08 May 2024

Fostering Transparency and Accountability: DRC's Community and Feedback Mechanism

08 May 2024

DRC Ethiopia initiates discussions to enhance IDP’s access to civil documentation and legal identity

08 May 2024

DRC and REFORM: Statement on escalation of violence in Rafah, Gaza

07 May 2024

Afghans increasingly forced to return from Iran, an overlooked population in dire need of protection

06 May 2024

DRC’s capacity building program for national/local NGO's in Latin America

06 May 2024

Increased solidarity, support for host nations and locally led solutions

02 May 2024

European Union misses opportunity to press for safety of refugees in Lebanon

30 Apr 2024

Jordan: As Azraq camp marks 10 years, long-term solutions remain elusive for Syrian refugees

28 Apr 2024

Turning on the tap: Improving community protection in Kulba camp through safe access to water

25 Apr 2024

Escaping the Deluge: Abdi's Journey Through Flood and Resilience in Beletweyne

25 Apr 2024

Press Release: Gu Rains Commence in Somalia, Putting 770,000 People at Risk

24 Apr 2024

Ukraine: Strikes in Kharkiv damaged DRC’s office forcing temporary suspension of support to local populations

23 Apr 2024

129 civil society organisations call on MEPs to uphold fundamental rights and reject the harmful Schengen borders code recast

22 Apr 2024

Ukraine: Mechanical demining operations are gaining momentum in Mykolaiv Oblast

17 Apr 2024

Videos: Piloting biogas innovation in Yemen as a source of clean energy and organic fertilizer

16 Apr 2024

Bread making empowering women in Bentiu at DRC’s Women and Girls Friendly Spaces (WGFS)

16 Apr 2024

Statement: All political and diplomatic means must be utilized to prevent increased civilian harm and further regional escalation - 13 NGOs warn

15 Apr 2024

Press Release: A year of war in Sudan has created a deepening humanitarian crisis

11 Apr 2024

More than 250 humanitarian and human rights organisations call to stop arms transfers to Israel, Palestinian armed groups

10 Apr 2024

Climate change, water shortages, and the vital role of extending essential services

10 Apr 2024

Danish Refugee Council's statement on the adoption of the EU Pact on Migration and Asylum

10 Apr 2024

Joint statement: The Resettlement Framework is a chance for the EU to bring more refugees to safety

08 Apr 2024

Driving Positive Change through Sustainable Initiatives

04 Apr 2024

Contending with an Insidious Threat: A Look Inside Mine Action Efforts in South Kordofan

04 Apr 2024

Helping to clear the way for Iraq's journey to recovery

04 Apr 2024

On Mine Awareness Day, reflections on progress and challenges for a mine free world

04 Apr 2024

Sudan: The war after the war

04 Apr 2024

From Struggle to Strength: The inspiring story of Farhiya Mohamed

04 Apr 2024

Land Mines in Akobo County, South Sudan: A Looming Threat to Lives and Livelihoods

03 Apr 2024

Ukraine: Communities in contaminated areas face severe risks from explosive ordnance

03 Apr 2024

Community health and sanitation improvements in Mandera County, Kenya

03 Apr 2024

Story from the field: "We cannot cover all the needs, but at least we are trying to do something"

03 Apr 2024

Statement: Time is running out for international action to protect civilians and prevent atrocity crimes in Rafah, as UN Security Council resolution is ignored

28 Mar 2024

Ukraine: “I tried to hide in a cellar when a bomb hit my yard” — Ivanna

27 Mar 2024

A Single Mother's Search for Safety and Family Reunion

26 Mar 2024

Nine years on: Economic downturn plunges millions into poverty in Yemen

20 Mar 2024

New project to lower compliance burdens for local and national associations

20 Mar 2024

The DEEP: Gestionar la información cualitativa para mejores análisis basados en la evidencia

18 Mar 2024

A Taste of Resilience: Fatma's Culinary Journey from Survival to Success

18 Mar 2024

Hasna's Journey Through Loss and Legal Labyrinths

18 Mar 2024

Surrendering human rights for migration control

17 Mar 2024

Solar Streams: Transforming Water Access in Khirbit Ghazaleh Using Renewable Energy

16 Mar 2024

Breathing life back into the Damascene Ghouta

16 Mar 2024

Rebuilding Hope for Bahaa's Family in Syria

14 Mar 2024

After 13 years of war, Syria’s catastrophic economy is pushing people beyond desperation.

13 Mar 2024

Gaza: Airdrops and sea routes are no alternative to aid delivery by land

13 Mar 2024

New Report: Displacement is going to increase by more than 6.8 million people in the coming two years

08 Mar 2024

How displacement in informal sites intensifies forced marriage risks in Iraq

08 Mar 2024

DRC's Multi-purpose Cash Assistance Empowering Women and Girls in South Sudan by Providing Access to Productive Resources

08 Mar 2024

Empowering Community Women Leaders

07 Mar 2024

International Women's Day: For displaced women equal rights are still not a human right

06 Mar 2024

Helping Families to Realise Their Rights: DRC's Legal Aid in Iraq

05 Mar 2024

The EU must provide future-proof solutions for people displaced from Ukraine

04 Mar 2024

Breaking the Chains of Abuse in Bentiu

01 Mar 2024

Danish NGOs in joint appeal: The situation in Rafah requires urgent political action

29 Feb 2024

Joint NGO Statement: EU and Member States must sustain funding to UNRWA

28 Feb 2024

Launch of the Global Displacement Forecast Report 2024

22 Feb 2024

Ukraine: Two years after Russia’s full-scale invasion, the situation for the millions of internally displaced is deteriorating fast

17 Feb 2024

Joint statement on Rafah, Gaza

16 Feb 2024

135,000 people displaced and millions of people at risk as clashes intensify in North Kivu, DR Congo

14 Feb 2024

Statement on Conflict-Induced Hunger in Gaza

09 Feb 2024

Ukraine: Strengthening national mine action capabilities

09 Feb 2024

Fostering Harmony: The Impact of Women for Peace in Conflict-Affected Communities

07 Feb 2024

Sudan’s Intolerable War and Long Road to Recovery

06 Feb 2024

A Day of Disaster & a Year of Challenges

05 Feb 2024

Life Amidst Landmines: Ahmed's Journey of Survival and Hope

05 Feb 2024

Press Release: One year after catastrophic earthquakes struck Türkiye and Syria millions are still left without safe homes

31 Jan 2024

New report: “They started beating us, used a stun gun and pepper spray on us and then threw us into the forest. We couldn't walk for three days because of the pain, and we had vision problems.”

31 Jan 2024

Evidence of an upsurge in violence and rights violations against people on the move in Mexico, needs overview shows

31 Jan 2024

Pushbacks on the European borders: Unravelling the Perils Along Migration Journeys in Europe

29 Jan 2024

UNRWA funding cuts threaten Palestinian lives in Gaza and region, say NGOs

26 Jan 2024

Dansk Flygtningehjælp: Integritet er afgørende

24 Jan 2024

Ukraine: Shelter programme helps families rebuild their homes damaged by flooding or shelling

19 Jan 2024

New Report from ASPIRE: Endeavours for Peace for young South Sudanese Refugees in Uganda

16 Jan 2024

Yemen: Escalation spells disaster for civilians still reeling from crisis say INGOs

12 Jan 2024

Ukraine: Vital cash support to internally displaced persons amidst war

02 Jan 2024

DRC Yemen: Transforming Lives in 2023

28 Dec 2023

DRC's Intervention Saves Saeed's Life Following a Landmine Explosion

20 Dec 2023

Statement on EU Pact on Asylum and Migration: A wasted opportunity for a more balanced and humane approach.

18 Dec 2023

Stories from the field: "The ultimate way of being good at what you do is to be able to pass on knowledge"

18 Dec 2023

Stories from the field – “We have accomplished something noteworthy starting from scratch here”

15 Dec 2023

Joint-statement: Urgent ceasefire needed to save lives and avert wider Middle East conflict

14 Dec 2023

Homebound: The horrendous journey of close to half a million Afghans forced to return from Pakistan, through their voices

14 Dec 2023

Almost 500,000 returning Afghans in desperate need of food, shelter and employment to survive winter

13 Dec 2023

NGOs urge global leaders to bridge the responsibility gap for refugee hosting and protection in East Africa

13 Dec 2023

Ukraine: Surviving captivity in 2014, mother of 2 had to flee from home amidst the onset of war

12 Dec 2023

Moldova: DRC is committed to continue strategic partnership with Ministry of Internal Affairs of Moldova to strengthen joint refugee response

11 Dec 2023

Crucial refugee summit: Solidarity threatened by rich countries

08 Dec 2023

New Executive Director for Partnerships, Advocacy & External Relations appointed

08 Dec 2023

Moldova: And the next level...

08 Dec 2023

Joint Statement: humanitarian exemptions must be adopted in sanctions imposed on Niger

07 Dec 2023

NGOs Express Grave Concern Over Suspension of Food Assistance in Yemen

06 Dec 2023

Global Refugee Forum: DRC is thrilled to announce our participation in the 2023 GRF Legal Community Pledge.

05 Dec 2023

Story from the Field Giovanni Zanelli – Senior Field Officer to UNHCR in Abeche, Chad

04 Dec 2023

Empowering change: A protection coordinator's journey in the fight against violence towards women and girls

03 Dec 2023

Cash assistance is it’s impact on Amir and his displaced family

03 Dec 2023

Over coming barriers by empowering persons living with disabilities

29 Nov 2023

Focus on Regions: Launch of the Mixed Migration Review 2023

29 Nov 2023

Ukraine: New windows and water supply — DRC improves living conditions in western Ukraine shelters for IDPs

27 Nov 2023

Monica Orach - DRC Protection Officer in South Sudan

22 Nov 2023

Four Day pause is not enough for the people of Gaza

21 Nov 2023

Nyaduol’s hope renewed through agriculture

21 Nov 2023

Ukraine: The journey of a single mother fleeing the frontline Kherson city

13 Nov 2023

Poland: Four thousand kilometres long way to find a new home

10 Nov 2023

DRC’s support to Ukrainian civilians traveling from Poland to their hometowns: a glimpse into the mine risk education activities in Poland

09 Nov 2023

Poland | Open Place Krakow: Aid and activities for refugees and migrants

08 Nov 2023

Poland: Coping with displacement and being away from Ukraine

07 Nov 2023

Partnership: Danish Refugee Council (DRC) enters partnership with Response Innovation Lab (RIL)

07 Nov 2023

Poland: Getting a second chance in life and a sense of hope after fleeing the war in Ukraine

02 Nov 2023

Afghans returning from Pakistan after expulsion order have nowhere to go, warn aid agencies

31 Oct 2023

Statement: Ceasefire must be delivered for the people of Gaza

29 Oct 2023

Stories from Yemen: DRC Economic Recovery Interventions

26 Oct 2023

Ukraine: ‘I found a shell of a large calibre’ — DRC deminers clear agricultural lands

26 Oct 2023

Farmers embrace sustainable agriculture to improve food security in Tanzania

25 Oct 2023

Suzana's journey to improving climate resilience in her village in Tanzania

21 Oct 2023

Statement: International Humanitarian Law must be upheld in Gaza

20 Oct 2023

Poland: DRC attends the Cross Border Cooperation Congress 2023 in Lublin

18 Oct 2023

Statement on the attack of the Al Ahli hospital in Gaza: Civilians should never be a target of conflict

18 Oct 2023

#CeasefireNow: Open Call for an Immediate Ceasefire in the Gaza Strip and Israel to Prevent a Humanitarian Catastrophe and Further Loss of Innocent Lives

17 Oct 2023

“I hope that violence will be a thing of the past. So, does flooding”

17 Oct 2023

Moldova: A hand in need – partnerships to find lasting solutions for Ukrainian refugees

16 Oct 2023

Press release: Three large earthquakes in Afghanistan in one week have left people traumatized

16 Oct 2023

Daruka's Triumph: Conquering Challenges as a Blind Knitter in a Refugee Camp

09 Oct 2023

Empowering Marginalized Waste Pickers Through the Fair Recycling Project in Kenya

08 Oct 2023

DRC statement on the escalation of violence in Israel/Palestine

08 Oct 2023

Press release: DRC Danish Refugee Council responds to earthquake in Afghanistan

05 Oct 2023

Education under attack in West and Central Africa - 2023 update

02 Oct 2023

Stories from the field: "In Syria, getting humanitarian supplies delivered is a herculean task"

02 Oct 2023

Beaten by police, bitten by dogs, and robbed of all rights: New Report Reveals Alarming Pushbacks and Violations at Europe's borders

02 Oct 2023

Joint Statement: Millions still struggling to survive in Yemen, as the cost of food soars 300%, humanitarian actors warn.

02 Oct 2023

From Dumpsite to Dreams: A Remarkable Journey of a Plastic Waste Collector in Dandora Dumpsite, Nairobi

01 Oct 2023

Enhancing the Safety and Resilience of Communities through Humanitarian Mine Action Interventions in Yemen

30 Sep 2023

Protection Information Management Portal: Mexico

30 Sep 2023

Dashboards: Mexico

30 Sep 2023

Protection Information Management Portal: Americas

30 Sep 2023

Protection Information Management Portal: Peru

30 Sep 2023

Dashboards: Peru

30 Sep 2023

Dashboards: Colombia

30 Sep 2023

Protection Information Management Portal: Colombia

29 Sep 2023

Afghanistan: Building rural resilience to cope with climate change

29 Sep 2023

Moldova: Is it just WASH work or pursuit of fulfillment?

29 Sep 2023

Kosovo: Vulnerable populations at risk from effects of climate change

29 Sep 2023

Poland: Reducing the carbon footprint of DRC operations

28 Sep 2023

27 organisations welcome EU decision to extend temporary protection for refugees fleeing Ukraine

27 Sep 2023

Libya floods: DRC Danish Refugee Council is providing immediate relief and delivering Explosive Ordnance Risk Education

26 Sep 2023

New jobs for now: Supporting municipalities against the earthquake aftermath

24 Sep 2023

Ukraine: 'I saw the missile coming' – a struggle of a single mother returning to rebuild a home

22 Sep 2023

After years of crisis, small scale economic recovery brings hope and change in the Central African Republic

21 Sep 2023

Ukraine: Supporting children affected by explosive ordnance

21 Sep 2023

Youth-led social cohesion: Bringing Muqdadiya back together

20 Sep 2023

Poland: “We were 20,000 people in my home area. Now, it’s a ghost town in Ukraine!” 

19 Sep 2023

Poland: Nurturing leadership talent among migrants and refugees

19 Sep 2023

IAWG Joint Statement: As the Sudan crisis deepens, INGOs warn of the cost of inaction, and call for immediate funding, access, and protection for civilians and aid workers

15 Sep 2023

Moldova: Finding the tune in a new life after fleeing war in Ukraine

15 Sep 2023

Empowering Communities in Tanzania: Maendeleo Vijana's Journey of Transformation

15 Sep 2023

DRC Danish Refugee Council responds to the devastating storm and subsequent flooding in Northeast Libya

15 Sep 2023

Joint Statement on Yemen Humanitarian Situation and Funding Gap

13 Sep 2023

Ukraine: DRC provided necessary medical device to injured Bakhmut citizen

12 Sep 2023

Empowering the Sharaqui Community: A Journey of Transformation through Access to Clean Water

12 Sep 2023

DRC attends the 11th Meeting of State Parties of the Convention on Cluster Munitions on 11th to 14th of September.

12 Sep 2023

Press Release: Loss of DRC colleague in Libya

12 Sep 2023

Reaction to the deadly storm in Eastern Libya

11 Sep 2023

Women in western Afghanistan to benefit from integrated DRC support

11 Sep 2023

DRC Supports Refugees’ Access to Key Services in Earthquake-Affected Zones

11 Sep 2023

Greece: Celebrating friendship in a music video by refugee children

10 Sep 2023

Statement: Reaction to earthquake in Morocco

08 Sep 2023

Cultivating Dreams and Empowering Communities Through Elimika Savings Group

07 Sep 2023

Joint Statement: Seven Priorities to Expand Resettlement and Safe Pathways to Europe

03 Sep 2023

Fostering Economic Resilience: Danish Refugee Council hosts Market Linkage events in Iraq to support entrepreneurs to thrive

01 Sep 2023

Former DRC Secretary General Arne Piel Christensen has passed away

01 Sep 2023

Anita's Inspiring Journey: Lighting the Path to Self-Reliance

01 Sep 2023

Project Launch: Enhancing Protection for Conflict-affected Communities in Sudan.

30 Aug 2023

Agri-Tech Solutions for Better Climate Resilience in Displacement Affected Areas in Iraq

29 Aug 2023

Greece: Access to quality education for refugee children 

28 Aug 2023

Bangladesh: Empowering women in refugee host communities

25 Aug 2023

Kosovo: Summer camps to empower minority teachers and youth

25 Aug 2023

Poland: Protecting Ukrainian lives through Risk Education

24 Aug 2023

Microinsurance Initiative for Informal Workers in the Middle East

24 Aug 2023

Digital Employment and Entrepreneurship Access for Young Iraqi and Syrian refugees

22 Aug 2023

​ DREAM: Digital Race for Employment and Mobility ​ in Tunisia

22 Aug 2023

Fair recycling: A plastic recycling ecosystem in Kenya

22 Aug 2023

The scoping forestry project

22 Aug 2023

CHASE - Capable, Hopeful, Accepted, Safe and Engaged Youth in Lebanon

22 Aug 2023

A Father’s Pride

18 Aug 2023

DRC Defies the Dark and Lights Up the Renk Transit Center

18 Aug 2023

Kilometres of Ukraine's forests are contaminated with explosive ordnance: DRC helps make them safe

17 Aug 2023

Global Displacement Forecast update shows a significant increase in displacement

16 Aug 2023

Beyond Borders: A Tale of Hope and shadows of compassion - The Journey of a Humanitarian Aid Worker

16 Aug 2023

Habtamu's impact as a humanitarian worker in Ethiopia

14 Aug 2023

Exploring Digital Diaspora Investment Opportunities in Dadaab

10 Aug 2023

"I have always taken my decisions with the priority of supporting my family that remained in Lebanon in mind"

09 Aug 2023

Bridging the Divide by Pioneering Gender Equality among refugees in AjoungThok, South Sudan

06 Aug 2023

Press release: Half a year since devastating earthquake – More than 3.5 million remain without a home

05 Aug 2023

Niger: NGOs warn further instability and sanctions could exacerbate humanitarian needs of the most vulnerable including women and children

04 Aug 2023

Poland: How offices in Warsaw are turned into shelter for vulnerable refugees from Ukraine

03 Aug 2023

Providing Cash Assistance to Help Displaced People Rebuild Their Lives

01 Aug 2023

A single mother's struggle for survival amidst chaos

31 Jul 2023

In Nigeria, risk education about explosive ordinance aims at preventing accidents

27 Jul 2023

Working with local organizations to develop a Theory of Change for long-term gender transformation and economic empowerment for women

27 Jul 2023

New graduates ready to join DRC demining efforts

26 Jul 2023

Farming in the Flood Waters – DRC’s Chinampa Gardens in Bentiu

26 Jul 2023

DRC's Psychosocial Support: a Lifeline for Earthquake Survivors

25 Jul 2023

Civilians under shelling in Ukraine: Ivan spent months in a school basement surviving the frontline battles

25 Jul 2023

Statement: Attack on DRC compound in Basra

23 Jul 2023

“Now I feel I am a human being with dignity” – Aish, a displaced person in Yemen

23 Jul 2023

Solar Power Solves Water Access Problem in Yemen

19 Jul 2023

DRC's support for victims of shelling in Ukraine: a glimpse into the lives of Chernihiv families

11 Jul 2023

On sending and using cluster munitions: Never under any circumstances

10 Jul 2023

DRC Moldova: Joint efforts improve access to legal aid for Ukrainian refugees

04 Jul 2023

Photos from CAR: Changing lives one shop at a time

01 Jul 2023

Rebuilding ecosystems and livelihoods in Rutana province

29 Jun 2023

Stories from the field: Interview with a Resettlement expert deployed to Guatemala

28 Jun 2023

Poland: New community centre for Ukrainian refugees in Krakow

27 Jun 2023

From War to Milk Vending: Bernard's Journey of Resilience and Hope

27 Jun 2023

Surviving Against All Odds: Almaz's Triumph Over Adversity

22 Jun 2023

Press Release: Uganda Cash Consortium Receives €6 Million in Funding from European Union to Provide Cash Assistance to Refugees in Uganda

22 Jun 2023

Ukraine Reconstruction: DRC helps with emergency repair of homes

22 Jun 2023

Hope away from home: Rahwa's Pursuit of a Better Life

21 Jun 2023

Press Release: In 2022 DRC reached more than 19 million people with crucial assistance

21 Jun 2023

Poland: Tailoring free legal aid to protect refugees and vulnerable minorities

21 Jun 2023

Teaching youth in Serbia about gender-based violence and rights

21 Jun 2023

Safe Migration Information is critical for Ukrainians on the move

20 Jun 2023

World Refugee Day 2023: How many have been forced to flee?

20 Jun 2023

DRC Kosovo: A decade of support to secure critical civilian registration concluded 

20 Jun 2023

Medical aid piloted for migrants and refugees in Moldova

20 Jun 2023

Bangladesh: Displaced within the world’s largest refugee camp

20 Jun 2023

Press release: Closing Event Marks Successful Completion of "Resilient Youth, Socially and Economically Empowered" (RYSE) Project in Jordan

16 Jun 2023

Joint NGO Statement: The EU must not be complicit in the loss of lives at sea and in rights violations at Europe’s borders

16 Jun 2023

Greece: Need for spaces that are child-friendly and safe

09 Jun 2023

Addressing critical needs of Afghans: New Study Recommends Strategies for Principled Action

07 Jun 2023

From Refugee to Digital Trailblazer: Vuma's Journey of Resilience and Empowerment

06 Jun 2023

How DRC’s mine action work is restoring hope in Iraq

06 Jun 2023

Ukraine: Thousands at risk following the Nova Kakhovka Dam burst

06 Jun 2023

Yemen: Cash assistance is improving lives in Lahj

05 Jun 2023

Just one dream left: a dangerous journey through Yemen

05 Jun 2023

New Report: Local protection mechanisms and humanitarian response in the Liptako-Gourma Region

01 Jun 2023

Yemen - Piloting Biogas as a Source of Clean Energy and Fertilizer in Partnership with Yemini Social Enterprise

31 May 2023

DRC scales up its regional response as the conflict in Sudan shows no sign of abating

30 May 2023

Repeated Climate-shocks shatter the resilience of communities in Ethiopia

30 May 2023

Protecting Rights at Borders VI: What we do in the shadows

25 May 2023

The impact of immigration detention on Rohingya Refugees in Malaysia and the need for reform

23 May 2023

Thousands of refugees are forced to return to South Sudan as the conflict in Sudan escalates

22 May 2023

Promoting Community Resilience through the Humanitarian, Basic Needs, and Conflict Sensitivity Nexus

17 May 2023

Digital innovation in Ukraine as DRC launches new Legal Aid tool

17 May 2023

Adella's journey of resilience, empowerment, and success in Kalobeyei refugee settlement

15 May 2023

DRC Greece: Human Rights Actors join forces across Europe

15 May 2023

DRC launches cyclone emergency response in Myanmar and Bangladesh

15 May 2023

Bosnia & Herzegovina: May is Mental Health Awareness Month

12 May 2023

Conference Response to the Public Health Challenges of Mixed Migration

11 May 2023

Italian State blueprints DRC pilot for support to Ukrainian refugees

10 May 2023

Photo gallery from Mali: Our emergency mobile teams deploy within 72 hours - even to the hardest-to-reach areas.

06 May 2023

The Danish Refugee Council supports local communities

04 May 2023

Security and dignity through shelter support in informal sites in Iraq

04 May 2023

More than half a million Afghans supported through Area-Based Approach for Development Emergency Initiative (ABADEI)

02 May 2023

Joint statement: Sudan INGO Forum calls on conflict parties to ensure protection of civilians

01 May 2023

Digital livelihoods in the Azraq refugee camp

28 Apr 2023

Ukrainian shoemaker survived a heavy explosion of an Explosive Ordnance left in a bin

26 Apr 2023

“Finding courage to start all over was tough”. Businesses across Ukraine adapt to wartime challenges

26 Apr 2023

As the conflict in Sudan continues, DRC is committed to stay and deliver

26 Apr 2023

Donation for the Cantonal Hospital in Bihać

25 Apr 2023

DRC is dedicated to the environmental protection

24 Apr 2023

Somalia: DRC provides integrated emergency support to families displaced by conflict in Laascaanood

24 Apr 2023

‘‘My eye vision is no longer blurry,’’- the story of Batula, an IDP in Mogadishu

22 Apr 2023

Press Release: Conflict in Sudan will exacerbate pre-existing humanitarian needs

20 Apr 2023

The escalation of conflict in Sudan magnifies pre-existing humanitarian needs

19 Apr 2023

Application of GIS System for Real-time Forest Cover Monitoring

14 Apr 2023

Bosnia & Herzegovina: Digital literacy lessons for people on the move 

14 Apr 2023

Greece: Narrowing the digital gap in education

14 Apr 2023

Italy: Social media to help raise local awareness and create dialogue

14 Apr 2023

Kosovo: Basic IT training courses and educational grants

14 Apr 2023

Moldova: Helping refugees from Ukraine overcome digital literacy barriers

14 Apr 2023

Serbia: Ukrainian refugees attend online risk education 

05 Apr 2023

Stories from the field: Interview with Child Protection and Best Interest Determination Expert deployed to Guatemala

05 Apr 2023

Stories from the field: Interview with Gender Based Violence Sub-Sector Coordinator deployed to Mogadishu

05 Apr 2023

The urgent need to limit the impact of explosive devices on civilians in Mali

04 Apr 2023

20 years of mine action in Iraq

04 Apr 2023

Fear of mines worries farmers in Ukraine as the planting season starts

03 Apr 2023

Meet Berin Muhić our Health Team Leader

01 Apr 2023

Mixed movements research through social media listening in the LAC region

01 Apr 2023

Promoting Climate Change Adaptation & Resilient Practices in Southern Coastal Areas in Bangladesh

31 Mar 2023

DRC Standby Roster monitoring mission: Working for protection and durable solutions for refugees and IDPs in Bangladesh

30 Mar 2023

DRC's comment on proposed rulemaking for eligibility for asylum in the US

28 Mar 2023

New Executive Director for Finance, Risk, and Supply Chain

28 Mar 2023

Creating a safe space for communities affected by landmines in South Sudan

28 Mar 2023

Noura’s pursuit for excellence: A story of hope and resilience

24 Mar 2023

DRC donates eight laptops for the Canton Sarajevo Health Center

23 Mar 2023

Fatal vehicle accident in Tanzania kills DRC employee

22 Mar 2023

Open Letter to the Yemeni Parties to the Conflict from 141 NGOs: Restore and Renew the Truce and Build Lasting Peace

20 Mar 2023

The Sahel Regional Fund launches its operational phase

17 Mar 2023

Meet Adela Softić, our Project Team Leader

16 Mar 2023

DRC Secretary General: We have reached 3 million Ukrainians

14 Mar 2023

Children in Greece without documents, children still at risk

13 Mar 2023

New report: Displacement is projected to increase by more than 5.4 million people in the coming two years

13 Mar 2023

47 NGOs in Joint Statement: Earthquake one month on: Funding falls short of huge needs in Syria

08 Mar 2023

Mary, a Gender-based Violence champion in Bentiu, Unity State

08 Mar 2023

DRC receives grant for IT innovation and internet connectivity in Ukraine

08 Mar 2023

Development of skills among DRC staff on Gender-Based Violence in Bosnia & Hercegovina

06 Mar 2023

From Ukraine to Serbia: A living nightmare to escape war

06 Mar 2023

Women at the forefront to protect their livelihoods in Somalia

06 Mar 2023

One month since devastating earthquakes, thousands of families still need shelter, water, and food 

06 Mar 2023

Identifying Natural Hazards and Impacts on Displacement Affected Communities Linked to Climate Change in West Africa

03 Mar 2023

Meet Akin Duran, our Communication with Communities Officer

02 Mar 2023

Humanitarian mine action in Ukraine – much more than removing explosives

02 Mar 2023

One year after the activation of the Temporary Protection Directive: learnings on protection of refugees from Ukraine

28 Feb 2023

Anticipatory action triggered to respond to drought in Somalia

28 Feb 2023

Launch of the Global Displacement Forecast Report 2023

28 Feb 2023

Photo Story: A day in the life of a Member of the WASH and Maintenance Committee in Al Rebat camp, Yemen

28 Feb 2023

DRC scales up its response in Drodro as civilians continue to bear the brunt of the escalation of violence

28 Feb 2023

Economic and environmental well-being via garment recycling

27 Feb 2023

Meet Sanja Dželalagić, our Health Team Leader

24 Feb 2023

Romania – a safe haven and transit point for Ukrainian refugees

24 Feb 2023

Ukraine one year on:

24 Feb 2023

Joint humanitarian NGO statement: Ukraine one year on: Highlighting the needs of displaced Ukrainians in Georgia

24 Feb 2023

Joint humanitarian NGO statement: Humanitarian situation in Malakal still not ripe to decommission POC

23 Feb 2023

Life Interrupted: A story of heartbreak and anguish at every corner

23 Feb 2023

DRC clears villages in Kyiv Oblast littered with explosive ordnance

21 Feb 2023

DRC presence in southern Ukraine to reach newly accessible areas

21 Feb 2023

Bringing water to communities in Yemen

21 Feb 2023

Meet Jovanka Runić, our Protection Team Leader

20 Feb 2023

Digital literacy classes for people on the move

16 Feb 2023

Meet Samir Aboukaf, our Translator and Cultural Mediator

14 Feb 2023

Syria: 35 INGO and Syrian NGOs demanding unfettered access and massive scale-up of humanitarian response

14 Feb 2023

Looking for asylum for 18 years

13 Feb 2023

Heaven or hell at Italy’s northern borders

10 Feb 2023

Cooperation with health institutions to upgrade and improve services

09 Feb 2023

EU migration management: Wilful blindness to evidence of harmful human rights consequences

09 Feb 2023

Press Release: DRC has lost a second colleague in Türkiye

09 Feb 2023

Improving the protection of women and girls one performance at a time

08 Feb 2023

Press Release: Loss of DRC colleague in Türkiye

06 Feb 2023

Press Release: Devastating earthquake hits Syria and Türkiye leaving thousands in urgent need

06 Feb 2023

The Danish Refugee Appeals Board has decided to grant refugee status to Afghan women and girls, who have applied for asylum in Denmark

06 Feb 2023

Meet Safet Bektaš, our protection Outreach Officer

02 Feb 2023

DRC Ukraine invites to online sessions on explosive ordnance risk education

01 Feb 2023

Digital jobs in Kenya with Amazon Web Services​

31 Jan 2023

Dream big, go hard and never give up! Abdirahman’s pursuit to success intensifies

30 Jan 2023

Mykolaiv: A city without doors, windows and half of its citizens

27 Jan 2023

DRC focuses on improving access to primary and secondary health care to people on the move

26 Jan 2023

Protecting Rights at Borders: Beaten, punished, and pushed back

16 Jan 2023

New report: How anti-trafficking and anti-smuggling measures can improve protection for Rohingya Refugees in Asia

16 Jan 2023

Meet Faris Kulić, our Warehouse and Logistics Officer

15 Jan 2023

Digital inclusion and access to decent livelihood opportunities

15 Jan 2023

Mainstreaming Environmental Approach in DRC's Livelihoods Strategy

12 Jan 2023

Protecting Rights at Borders (PRAB)

12 Jan 2023

Iraq is at a crossroads – the EU’s engagement in 2023 can help set the course

11 Jan 2023

Meet Erdumana Spahić, our Cultural Mediator and Translator

09 Jan 2023

Hope amidst conflict for Ethiopian Refugees in Um Rakuba Camp, Sudan

06 Jan 2023

Meet Mufid Khalili, our Protection Officer

29 Dec 2022

Moldova: Compassion, solidarity - and warmth

29 Dec 2022

Fleeing war in Ukraine - finding refuge in Serbia

29 Dec 2022

DRC Greece: Access to schools for migrant and refugee children

29 Dec 2022

Easing the winter for vulnerable families in Kosovo

28 Dec 2022

The role of the community in preventing and responding to Gender Based Violence

25 Dec 2022

DRC Statement on the Ban on Women working with NGOs in Afghanistan

23 Dec 2022

Rescue efforts urgently needed as hundreds of Rohingya refugees continue to struggle to stave off dehydration and starvation while stranded at sea in Asia

22 Dec 2022

DRC applauds U.S. efforts to protect humanitarian aid from impact of sanctions

22 Dec 2022

Stories from the field: Interview with Associate Registration and Identity Management Specialist, deployed to Sudan

22 Dec 2022

DRC Denounces the Announcement to Bar Women in Afghanistan from University

21 Dec 2022

Strengthening health support to vulnerable people on the move

20 Dec 2022

Urgent support to Mykolaiv: Safe water and house repairs before winter

16 Dec 2022

DRC: Around 30.000 basic medical and nursing care assistance

15 Dec 2022

Cash transfers are rebuilding lives and creating resilient communities in Uganda

15 Dec 2022

Meet Vladimir Luković, our Logistics Officer

13 Dec 2022

Emergency shelter in Poland for refugees from Ukraine

13 Dec 2022

From surviving in basements in Ukraine to safety in Moldova

13 Dec 2022

DRC welcomes UNSC resolution creating humanitarian exemption from sanctions

12 Dec 2022

EU’s actions on migratory routes must prioritize safe mobility and access to protection

12 Dec 2022

Preventing various communicable diseases is of vital importance

08 Dec 2022

EU admits Croatia to Schengen Without Regard to Abuses at the Border

07 Dec 2022

Joint statement: Solutions and Protection at the Center of Quality Funding

07 Dec 2022

DRC press release: Scaling up capacity in Moldova to host refugees from Ukraine

06 Dec 2022

Better solutions needed for mixed migration challenges

06 Dec 2022

Meet Jasmina Sonjić, our Medical Officer

02 Dec 2022

Helping victims of gender-based violence in Bosnia and Herzegovina

01 Dec 2022

Climate resilience building of at-risk communities in Khulna district in Bangladesh

30 Nov 2022

Free2Link comes to an end!

29 Nov 2022

Amid drought and conflict; Thousands flee Somalia

25 Nov 2022

Local Anchor Groups: A localized approach to address gender-based violence

24 Nov 2022

Protection Monitoring Dash Board Mexico

23 Nov 2022

Press release: DRC facilitates first joint Nordic-Baltic diplomatic tour in Georgia

22 Nov 2022

New insights: Legal aid needs in mixed migration flows

21 Nov 2022

Meet Šemsudin Ljumanović, our Field Coordinator

16 Nov 2022

DRC's Ethiopia Migration Programme Establishes a Youth Recreation Center for Refugees in Addis Ababa

15 Nov 2022

How cash grants help displaced cope in Ukraine

15 Nov 2022

Empowering refugee youth through peer mentorship

14 Nov 2022

Stories from the field: interview with CCCM Officer deployed to Ukraine

14 Nov 2022

Danish press release: Winning drawings from DRC's 'Tegn et Hjem'-campaign to be exhibited at FLUGT museum

14 Nov 2022

Adequate health care for people on the move with diabetes

08 Nov 2022

Meet Ines Arnautović, our Health Team Leader

08 Nov 2022

Financial aid saves affected people by the floods

03 Nov 2022

The Danish scheme for externalisation: Harmful to refugees and a threat to international refugee cooperation

03 Nov 2022

BRCK innovative learning pilot​

27 Oct 2022

SDC & DRC provide support to health institutions

21 Oct 2022

DRC in Ukraine: Risk education saves lives in conflict-affected communities

14 Oct 2022

Bosnia and Herzegovina: New isolation ward to help tackle monkey pox

13 Oct 2022

Energy and Environment Programme in Tanzania: Boosting Resilience of People and the Forest

12 Oct 2022

Meet Reza Tahami, our Protection Officer and Cultural Mediator

04 Oct 2022

Financial Aid for Ukrainians in BiH

01 Oct 2022

DRC supports Ukraine’s NGOs that hand out the essentials among the most vulnerable

01 Oct 2022

Using The DEEP Platform for Qualitative Protection Analysis to Design Better Evidence-based Responses in LAC

29 Sep 2022

Empowered Youth and Women in Tunisia through DRC’s programme

29 Sep 2022

44 national and international NGOs call for renewal and expansion of truce in Yemen

23 Sep 2022

Removing explosive remnants of war in Ukraine

15 Sep 2022

Five years on from the end of the conflict, up to one million Iraqis lack essential identity documents

13 Sep 2022

Ongoing displacements in Myanmar

13 Sep 2022

Plastic pays

08 Sep 2022

Joint Statement: NGOs call on Member States

06 Sep 2022

Joint Statement: NGOs Call for Urgent Funding Surge as Somalia is Expected to Face Famine

06 Sep 2022

Famine expected to hit already fragile areas of Somalia

04 Sep 2022

Educating conflict-affected people in Myanmar on the risk and impact of Unexploded Ordnances

02 Sep 2022

Danish press release: DRC will commence demining activities in Helmand

31 Aug 2022

Youth Employment in Tunisia - The ACREM project

30 Aug 2022

Addressing Food Insecurity of Households Facing Protracted Displacement in Northern Shan

29 Aug 2022

Horn of Africa: DRC Drought Response Appeal

28 Aug 2022

'We are lucky to be alive'

26 Aug 2022

Crossing Afghanistan’s Border to Survive: The Story of Nargina

24 Aug 2022

Return to Ukraine and back in the warzone

24 Aug 2022

War in Ukraine – six months on

24 Aug 2022

Abandoned dormitory transforms into emergency shelter

24 Aug 2022

Fleeing into the woods

24 Aug 2022

Press release: Worsening humanitarian crisis in Ukraine requires urgent action

20 Aug 2022

Press release: Fatal accident in Afghanistan

17 Aug 2022

Growing needs for protection and shelter in Ukraine

17 Aug 2022

DRC launches new efforts to address climate related displacement

16 Aug 2022

Cash providing a food-secure line to displaced families in Northern Shan, Myanmar

11 Aug 2022

Bosnia and Herzegovina: Cookies for peace

10 Aug 2022

Local charity assembles aid kits to civilians caught in Ukraine conflict

10 Aug 2022

Humanitarian Mine Action: DRC aid workers trained in Denmark

10 Aug 2022

M-shule: Programme innovation pilot

09 Aug 2022

Meet Maja Maksić, our Procurement Officer

07 Aug 2022

DRC street lawyers offer legal aid at shelters for displaced in Ukraine

04 Aug 2022

DRC supports drought stricken families in Ethiopia through cash support

01 Aug 2022

Restoring the dignity of drought-affected families in Somalia

01 Aug 2022

Joint Statement

01 Aug 2022

Most Significant Change

27 Jul 2022

DRC Ukraine: Needs for Explosive Ordnance Risk Education grow by the day

27 Jul 2022

DRC: Health care for Ukrainians in Bosnia and Herzegovina

25 Jul 2022

Restoring life in Zindajan

25 Jul 2022

Press release: Uganda Cash Consortium Receives €6m in Funding from the EU to Provide Cash Assistance to Refugees

22 Jul 2022

Press release: Joint Open Letter: Broadening the Ukraine refugee response

18 Jul 2022

Urgent response needed in Drought-hit Somalia

18 Jul 2022

DRC in Ukraine: Safe spaces and hot meals - shelters in Dnipro

13 Jul 2022

Press release: Global Displacement Forecast 2022 – July Update

10 Jul 2022

Stories from the field: Learning new things and being challenged in Pakistan

07 Jul 2022

The Transition to Peace and Recovery in Rural Afghanistan

05 Jul 2022

DRC Burundi: Partnering with Nature and People to Find the Solutions + Learning Brief

02 Jul 2022

Supporting refugees integration in Greece

23 Jun 2022

Ukraine: DRC deminers save lives by clearing explosives on roads

22 Jun 2022

Press release: DRC reaction to deadly earthquake in Afghanistan

20 Jun 2022

Press release: The global response to the war in Ukraine must become the standard

14 Jun 2022

DRC scales up support in Moldova responding to the Ukraine crisis

14 Jun 2022

Press release: International NGOs working in the Democratic Republic of the Congo condemn repeated deadly attacks on displaced civilians

02 Jun 2022

DRC in Ukraine: NGO supported by DRC provides 3000 IDPs with hot meals daily

31 May 2022

DRC Somalia scales up aid to thousands displaced by drought

20 May 2022

Press release: DRC signs large-scale agreement in Ukraine on Humanitarian Mine Action

20 May 2022

Borodianka town near Kyiv is in ruins. DRC calls on all parties to stop bombing civilians

16 May 2022

Press release: Afghan diaspora call for strengthened engagement on Afghanistan

12 May 2022

DRC in Ukraine: Support for IDP collective centres in Western Ukraine

10 May 2022

DRC sets ambitious target: Reducing 50% of our carbon emissions by 2030

03 May 2022

DRC launches Community Feedback Mechanism Guidance key to closing persistent accountability gap

28 Apr 2022

Press release: Will global donors rise to the occasion and prevent starvation and death for millions in Somalia, Ethiopia and Kenya?

27 Apr 2022

Press release: Patron for the Danish Refugee Council, the Crown Princess of Denmark, visits Rohingya camps

26 Apr 2022

Press release: The Ukraine crisis requires increased global aid budgets, not the redirection of existing funds to avoid devastating global humanitarian consequences

25 Apr 2022

Humanitarian mine action in Afghanistan

21 Apr 2022

UKRAINE: Access to war-stricken families is crucial

11 Apr 2022

The Long Walk to Mogadishu: Thousands of Drought-Affected IDPs Flee to The City

11 Apr 2022

DRC legal advice by street lawyers in east Ukraine

07 Apr 2022

Stories from the field: Supporting survivors of violence and/or torture, GBV, women and girls at risk in New Delhi

07 Apr 2022

Stories from the field: The importance of celebrating each other’s strengths and build meaningful and long-lasting personal connections

05 Apr 2022

Explosive remnants of war in Ukraine

29 Mar 2022

DRC in Ukraine: Emergency aid to Odesa

24 Mar 2022

The deadly legacy of Yemen’s forgotten conflict

24 Mar 2022

Hunger eats away at Afghans' ability to dignified self-preservation

24 Mar 2022

Press release: The deadly legacy of Yemen’s forgotten conflict

22 Mar 2022

Myanmar: New waves of displacement in Kachin State

22 Mar 2022

Press release: Ukraine Urgent action needed to protect civilians from effects of conflict

20 Mar 2022

Iraqi Water Week (14-22 March): Iraq’s water situation continues to deteriorate, with devastating impacts on lives and livelihoods for thousands of Iraqis

19 Mar 2022

DRC receive funding for new anticipatory action pilot

17 Mar 2022

Video: Spring Recharge

16 Mar 2022

Practicing Regenerative Resilience of Agroecosystems - training video

16 Mar 2022

Press release: Without support, people in Yemen will pay the highest price.

15 Mar 2022

Press release: Access to services and early recovery desperately needed to help Syrian population

08 Mar 2022

Thousands pushed into displacement as Horn of Africa suffers worst drought in 40 years

04 Mar 2022

UKRAINE UPDATE: DRC is mobilizing an effective, broad, and timely humanitarian response

04 Mar 2022

Press release: All fleeing conflict must have access to safety and protection and humanitarian assistance to the affected population must be ensured

25 Feb 2022

Chaos in Ukraine: We are there

24 Feb 2022

Press release: DRC response to violent escalation of conflict in Ukraine

19 Feb 2022

Press release: An escalation of the conflict in Ukraine will increase already high humanitarian needs

17 Feb 2022

Repairing homes on former frontlines in Afghanistan

17 Feb 2022

Widowed and displaced with nine children

17 Feb 2022

Hardship and resilience in rural Afghanistan: Meet Nabiullah from Nawa

17 Feb 2022

By 2023 displacement will have doubled over a decade, new report predicts

17 Feb 2022

Press release: By 2023 displacement will have doubled over a decade, new report predicts

19 Jan 2022

Press release: New sanctions risk plunging the people of Mali further into humanitarian crisis

14 Jan 2022

Afghan mine action capacity at risk

12 Jan 2022

Suspension of essential services will worsen the already severe humanitarian crisis in DR Congo

11 Jan 2022

Press release: Record-high needs for aid in Afghanistan

31 Dec 2021

Reinforcing social cohesion through socio-economic opportunities and regenerative practices in Burkina Faso

20 Dec 2021

Press release: DRC is joining the Grand Bargain 2.0

16 Dec 2021

12,000 pushbacks in 2021 reflects worrying normalization of illegal practice

13 Dec 2021

Self-reliance efforts must not lose sight of the achievement of durable solutions

13 Dec 2021

Statement on the Global Compact on Refugees High Level Officials Meeting

10 Dec 2021

"I dream of opening a shop on the main street of town": Exploring links between gender, economic empowerment and violence against women in Iraq

03 Dec 2021

Need for calm and proportional response at the EUs external borders

30 Nov 2021

30th Anniversary of the DRC Standby Roster

30 Nov 2021

Reframing mixed migration: MMC launches the Mixed Migration Review 2021

26 Nov 2021

30th Anniversary of the Standby Partnership

26 Nov 2021

Criminalizing mobility, securitizing borders, and preventing access to territory will not end dangerous journeys

26 Nov 2021

Joint Statement: Call on the EU: Restore Rights and Values at Europe’s Borders

25 Nov 2021

Thousands of people in DR Congo are in desperate need of humanitarian assistance amid a new surge of violence

18 Nov 2021

DR Congo: Only political and financial solutions can put an end the conflict

08 Nov 2021

The Global Compact on Refugees Three Years On: Navigating barriers and maximising incentives in support of refugees and host countries

01 Oct 2021

Stories from the field: Ensuring the best interests of unaccompanied Rohingya refugee children in Indonesia

15 Sep 2021

New report: The displacement crises of the future will stem from forgotten conflicts

10 Sep 2021

Statement: DRC Central African Republic

17 Aug 2021

As crisis in Afghanistan unfolds: Humanitarian access and open borders essential

03 Aug 2021

Croatia/EU Border Monitoring System: Effective Mechanism Needed - Independent, Broad Mandate, Adequate Resources

23 Jul 2021

Using family separation as deterrent – new report documents alarming illegal push-back methods

22 Jul 2021

Supporting refugees in open sites in Greece

16 Jul 2021

DRC calls for deportations to Afghanistan to be put on hold

07 Jul 2021

Countering human smuggling: No silver bullet for safer mobility

02 Jul 2021

“Refugees need a proper living space as much as anyone else”

29 Jun 2021

Stories from the field: Providing an effective and efficient emergency response in Armenia

18 Jun 2021

Danish press release: New global displacement figures show the need for more international solidarity

03 Jun 2021

Danish press release: Reaction to the Danish bill to potentially externalize the asylum procedure

03 Jun 2021

Statement on the Danish proposal to potentially externalize the asylum procedure

12 May 2021

Push back of responsibility: Human Rights Violations as a Welcome Treatment at Europe’s Borders

09 May 2021

Refugee Mothers in Greece Fight for a Better Future for Themselves and Their Children

28 Apr 2021

Predictable, preventable and tragic loss of life in the Central Mediterranean

13 Apr 2021

Stories from the field: The roll-out of a Global Distribution Tool (GDT) in Boa Vista

18 Mar 2021

Open letter: Five years after the EU-Turkey Statement, European Civil Society Demands an End to Containment and Deterrence at the EU’s External Borders

12 Mar 2021

Displacement and COVID-19

12 Mar 2021

New DRC report on COVID-19 Response Details the Challenges of an Extraordinary Difficult Year for Refugees and Displaced Persons

24 Feb 2021

Cultural Mediators support refugees in Greece

18 Feb 2021

HELIOS National Sensitization Campaign

18 Feb 2021

Refugees are in need of legal aid in Greece

17 Feb 2021

When I grow up

17 Feb 2021

Danish press release: Reaction to Denmark’s decision to revoke Syrian refugees’ residence permits

15 Feb 2021

Refugee mothers in Greece

10 Feb 2021

Press release: DRC commends Colombia’s decision to regularize Venezuelan migrants

04 Feb 2021

Press release: Refugees from Tigray are in need of assistance after arriving to Sudan

25 Jan 2021

DRC Statement on COVID-19 vaccines

21 Jan 2021

Press release: Yemen Statement

23 Dec 2020

Press release: Statement on Ethiopia

30 Nov 2020

A challenging year

24 Nov 2020

Former DRC Country Director becomes permaculture farmer – David Kang’ethe

11 Nov 2020

Thousands of refugees in Bosnia and Herzegovina will face hardship during winter

10 Nov 2020

Turning rhetoric into reality: New monitoring mechanism at European borders should ensure fundamental rights and accountability

20 Oct 2020

Yemeni communities becoming resilient one seed at a time

20 Oct 2020

Localizing regenerative solutions in Tanzania

20 Oct 2020

Climate resilience among Rohingya refugees and their host communities

23 Sep 2020

Press release: Asylum and Migration Pact

Foresight: Displacement forecasts

Foresight: Displacement forecasts

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