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Serbia: Ukrainian refugees attend online risk education 

On 4 April, the International Day for Mine Awareness and Assistance in Mine Action, DRC launched new awareness raising activities for Ukrainian refugees hosted in Serbia. Although far from the explosive remnants of war in Ukraine, the online sessions on Explosive Ordnance Risk Education (EORE) organised by Danish Refugee Council in Ukraine are a stark reminder of the realities on the ground. 

Posted on 14 Apr 2023

Unexploded ordnance visibly scattered across vast areas of Ukraine and mines hidden underground. These are posing daily risks for an estimated over 10 million people in Ukraine as well as for those who return from abroad to visit family and friends or to resettle back home.  

With the purpose of raising awareness among Ukrainians currently residing in Serbia, DRC Serbia invites them to attend online sessions in Explosive Ordnance Risk Education (EORE). The sessions are available for free to all interested and are delivered in Ukrainian and Russian to cater for the language differences across Ukraine. All trainings are online, with some being self-managed and others being facilitated by trainers in Ukraine.  

Ukrainians in Serbia who have arrived in the past one year to seek refuge are mostly residing in private accommodation. Some are hosted in the Asylum Center in Vranje, where DRC invited the residents to learn more about the dangers of Explosive Ordnance as well as the basic rules of safe behaviour. Among the participants on 4 April were Inna, a refugee from Ukraine now employed by DRC in Serbia. She along with the other participants expressed great satisfaction with the course, its clarity, and its usefulness.  

The course attendees received information about the types of mines and other explosives that are used or can be used now in Ukraine, how to recognise mines, how to behave if they noticed objects resembling mines, and whom to call for help. DRC Serbia will continue providing support to Ukrainian refugees and help all interested to register and attend the EORE courses to build their skills and help them to be prepared for a possible situation encountering explosive remnants of war. 

Online EORE trainings are free of charge and available via this link: 
Open invitation to online sessions on explosive ordnance risk education | DRC Danish Refugee Council 

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