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Moldova: A hand in need – partnerships to find lasting solutions for Ukrainian refugees

Collaboration between DRC in Moldova and a civil initiative - Moldova for Peace in their efforts to assist refugees goes beyond just providing relief items to those who have been displace due to the ongoing crises in Ukraine. Partnerships are also critical in strengthening the resilience capacity of host communities, and in finding joint solutions for refugees.

©DRC Moldova, October 2023, Chişinău

Posted on 17 Oct 2023

The partnership between Moldova for Peace and the DRC extends beyond just provision of relief items. Providing the space within the premises of the deposit and frequently hosting the DRC-conducted information awareness sessions on Explosive Ordnance Risk Education (EORE) is another way to offer partnership and jointly ensure practical, concrete support to refugees to address protection needs. 

EORE is a critical aspect of ensuring the safety of refugees, especially if they plan to return to areas in Ukraine where unexploded remnants pose a threat. This educational component of the DRC response can indeed be life-saving, and it is reassuring to hear that both adults and children are benefiting from these sessions on any occasion. The sessions are specifically designed for each target group and are tailored to address the children and adolescents respectively. In total, 3352 people participated in educational sessions in Moldova.  

It's also worth noting the presence of Ms. Helena Lassen, DRC Country Director for Poland, Moldova and Romania, who took the opportunity to express gratitude for this collaboration and to understand the importance of partnership while addressing the risk education needs of Ukrainians displaced in the country. This kind of hands-on engagement from leadership can help tailor assistance more effectively to the specific needs of the affected population.

“It's crucial that the humanitarian partners continue work in preparing for the winter of 2023/24 and providing assistance to the most vulnerable ones. It is heartening to see the organisations such as Moldova for Peace and DRC coming together to support in many ways those in need during times of crisis, and this partnership is the example of such understanding” - says Helena.

According to the United Nations, 27 768 civilian casualties caused by explosive weapons mines and explosive remnants of war were recorder from 24 February 2022 to 8 October 2023 in Ukraine among which 9,806 were killed and 17,962 injured.  

Joint efforts to raise awareness of Explosive Ordnance Risk in Ukraine through educational activities will continue in the form of training events and interactive presentations, using digital tools and technologies and other visual educational material.  

DRC in Moldova and a civil initiative Moldova for Peace

DRC in Moldova and a civil initiative Moldova for Peace

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