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The urgent need to limit the impact of explosive devices on civilians in Mali

Between 2021 and 2022 Mali saw a further increase in the number of civilian casualties from explosive ordnances, especially improvised explosive devices (IEDs)/mines.

Posted on 05 Apr 2023

This is the largest increase since 2018, when the IED/mine threat shifted from the North to the more densely populated Centre. As the IEDs/mines proliferate and scatter across the central regions, vulnerable populations and communities are significantly impacted – in terms of their access to livelihoods, basic social services and humanitarian assistance.

Finally, the spreading of this threat to southern areas represents an increasingly worrying trend, calling for attention and further action. Against this background of increased risks and civilian victims, the humanitarian response remains still largely underfunded and faces major challenges in terms of access and availability of services.

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Note EO impact on civilians in Mali_April 2023

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Note Impact des EE sur les civils au Mali avril 2023

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