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Press Release: Loss of DRC colleague in Türkiye

It is with great sadness that the Danish Refugee Council (DRC) must inform of the passing of a colleague from our country team in Türkiye after the devastating earthquake on 6th of February.  

Posted on 08 Feb 2023

Our colleague, a staff member of the Türkiye office, passed away when his apartment collapsed as a result of the catastrophic earthquake in Türkiye.  

Our colleague was a valued member of his team who worked hard in ensuring support to people in need across his community, and he will be forever missed. Our thoughts are with his family and friends. 

The earthquake and its aftershocks have caused devastation to thousands of people and our staff in the Türkiye offices are all tremendously affected by the situation. We honor our colleague by ensuring DRC delivers aid to people affected by the earthquake. 

Our thoughts also go out to the thousands of people across the region impacted by earthquake.  

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