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Press release: Without support, people in Yemen will pay the highest price.

Donors at today’s high-level Yemen Pledging Conference pledged around $1.3bn, which falls $2.9bn short of UN identified needs.

Posted on 16 Mar 2022

Following today’s high-level Yemen Pledging Conference, held in Geneva, DRC’s Secretary-General Charlotte Slente – who addressed the meeting virtually, has said that people in Yemen will pay the highest price, as pledges fell well below the level needed.

Donors at the conference pledged around $1.3bn, which falls $2.9bn short of UN identified needs.

Slente said, “Today was a chance for the international community to show it stands with conflict-affected populations around the world. But while donors should be thanked for their pledges, the reality is that urgent humanitarian needs will go unmet in a country where 23.4 million people are now in need of assistance.

“This is an increase of almost three million people from last year. Millions now face hunger, avoidable diseases, displacement, and – ultimately – loss of life.

“In Yemen last year, I met families who have been displaced multiple times and face several barriers to resuming their lives. Aid assistance is providing survival, but – as I told today’s conference – Yemenis need an end to violence and an inclusive peace process. The international community must not forget their plight.”

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