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Rebuilding Hope for Bahaa's Family in Syria

Facing the aftermath of conflict in Daraa, Bahaa and his family returned to a barely recognizable home. With determination and the support of their local community, they began the arduous process of reconstruction and rehabilitation.

Posted on 16 Mar 2024

In the wake of armed conflict in Alsheikh Miskin, Daraa, Northwest Syria, the life of Bahaa and his family was turned upside down. Displaced from their home, they faced years of uncertainty, marked by the threat of eviction, a lack of property ownership, and overwhelming financial burdens.  

"The financial burdens we had to bear were far beyond our means," reflects Bahaa, encapsulating the dire circumstances many families endured. 

As the situation in Sheikh Maskin stabilized by the end of 2018, Bahaa and his family decided to return home, only to find it in a state of disrepair, stripped of essentials like doors, windows, and basic utilities.

The daunting task of restoration was compounded by their limited financial resources, forcing them to live under challenging conditions with Bahaa's brother. 

The turning point came with the intervention of the Danish Refugee Council (DRC), the Syria Humanitarian Fund (SHF), and the local community.

Their combined efforts facilitated the rehabilitation of Bahaa's home, turning it into a sanctuary of safety and dignity. The installation of necessities not only restored privacy and security but also marked a significant improvement in the family's living conditions. Bahaa's wife articulates the transformation beautifully:

"Feeling at home is like a feeling of security, comfort, belonging, ownership, and privacy." 

This transformation extended beyond the physical refurbishment of their home. It represented a holistic approach to recovery, addressing both the tangible and intangible aspects of wellbeing. The sense of security and stability that came with an improved living environment was immeasurable. 

Despite the strides made, the aspiration for broader infrastructural repairs within Sheikh Maskin persists. Such enhancements are essential for sustainable recovery, offering the community easier access to services and opportunities for livelihood.

The long-term success of these efforts' hinges on continued engagement and capacity building within the community. 

Through collective action and dedication, we can help ensure that every family affected by the crisis can once again feel the comfort and security of being "at home”.

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