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Where we work

Middle East

Alongside multiple conflicts, the Middle East region is one of those most affected by climate change, now an increasing cause of further migration and displacement, and straining natural resources.

What we do

Working in Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon, Syria, Türkiye, and Yemen; DRC works not only with those affected by conflicts in the region, but also with migrant communities, in particular in Türkiye and Yemen.

Given the protracted nature of conflicts and displacement, DRC’s work provides both life-saving assistance in emergencies, but also supports communities to prepare for the future: for example, by accessing documentation, developing skills, increasing access to public services, and restoring livelihoods.

Country operations in the Middle East

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05 Jun 2023

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30 May 2023

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04 Apr 2023

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22 Mar 2023

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13 Mar 2023

47 NGOs in Joint Statement: Earthquake one month on: Funding falls short of huge needs in Syria

06 Mar 2023

One month since devastating earthquakes, thousands of families still need shelter, water, and food 

28 Feb 2023

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23 Feb 2023

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21 Feb 2023

Bringing water to communities in Yemen

14 Feb 2023

Syria: 35 INGO and Syrian NGOs demanding unfettered access and massive scale-up of humanitarian response

09 Feb 2023

Press Release: DRC has lost a second colleague in Türkiye

08 Feb 2023

Press Release: Loss of DRC colleague in Türkiye

06 Feb 2023

Press Release: Devastating earthquake hits Syria and Türkiye leaving thousands in urgent need

12 Jan 2023

Iraq is at a crossroads – the EU’s engagement in 2023 can help set the course

25 Nov 2022

Local Anchor Groups: A localized approach to address gender-based violence

29 Sep 2022

44 national and international NGOs call for renewal and expansion of truce in Yemen

15 Sep 2022

Five years on from the end of the conflict, up to one million Iraqis lack essential identity documents

01 Aug 2022

Joint Statement

24 Mar 2022

The deadly legacy of Yemen’s forgotten conflict

24 Mar 2022

Press release: The deadly legacy of Yemen’s forgotten conflict

20 Mar 2022

Iraqi Water Week (14-22 March): Iraq’s water situation continues to deteriorate, with devastating impacts on lives and livelihoods for thousands of Iraqis

17 Mar 2022

Video: Spring Recharge

16 Mar 2022

Press release: Without support, people in Yemen will pay the highest price.

15 Mar 2022

Press release: Access to services and early recovery desperately needed to help Syrian population

10 Dec 2021

"I dream of opening a shop on the main street of town": Exploring links between gender, economic empowerment and violence against women in Iraq

17 Feb 2021

Danish press release: Reaction to Denmark’s decision to revoke Syrian refugees’ residence permits

21 Jan 2021

Press release: Yemen Statement

20 Oct 2020

Yemeni communities becoming resilient one seed at a time