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Middle East

Alongside multiple conflicts, the Middle East region is one of those most affected by climate change, now an increasing cause of further migration and displacement, and straining natural resources.

What we do

Working in Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon, Syria, Türkiye, and Yemen; DRC works not only with those affected by conflicts in the region, but also with migrant communities, in particular in Türkiye and Yemen.

Given the protracted nature of conflicts and displacement, DRC’s work provides both life-saving assistance in emergencies, but also supports communities to prepare for the future: for example, by accessing documentation, developing skills, increasing access to public services, and restoring livelihoods.

Country operations in the Middle East

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06 Jun 2024

IDPs returning from Kurdistan camps find areas of origin without support or services

02 Jun 2024

A letter from a youth leader involved in social cohesion

29 May 2024

Syrians Left Hanging with Lowest Levels of Funding as Humanitarian Needs Hit Highest Levels in Thirteen Years of Crisis

28 May 2024

Joint Statement: NGOs demand UN Security Council enforce ICJ orders on Israel’s actions in Rafah

28 May 2024

Accidental Spread of Contaminated Land Poses Deadly Threat to Safe Areas

28 May 2024

GAZA: New crossing points and ‘floating dock’ are cosmetic changes, as humanitarian access disintegrates in Gaza, warn aid agencies

27 May 2024

Inaction will have devastating consequences for Syrian people, warn aid agencies

08 May 2024

Fostering Transparency and Accountability: DRC's Community and Feedback Mechanism

08 May 2024

DRC and REFORM: Statement on escalation of violence in Rafah, Gaza

02 May 2024

European Union misses opportunity to press for safety of refugees in Lebanon

30 Apr 2024

Jordan: As Azraq camp marks 10 years, long-term solutions remain elusive for Syrian refugees

17 Apr 2024

Videos: Piloting biogas innovation in Yemen as a source of clean energy and organic fertilizer

16 Apr 2024

Statement: All political and diplomatic means must be utilized to prevent increased civilian harm and further regional escalation - 13 NGOs warn

11 Apr 2024

More than 250 humanitarian and human rights organisations call to stop arms transfers to Israel, Palestinian armed groups

10 Apr 2024

Climate change, water shortages, and the vital role of extending essential services

04 Apr 2024

Helping to clear the way for Iraq's journey to recovery

03 Apr 2024

Story from the field: "We cannot cover all the needs, but at least we are trying to do something"

03 Apr 2024

Statement: Time is running out for international action to protect civilians and prevent atrocity crimes in Rafah, as UN Security Council resolution is ignored

26 Mar 2024

Nine years on: Economic downturn plunges millions into poverty in Yemen

18 Mar 2024

A Taste of Resilience: Fatma's Culinary Journey from Survival to Success

18 Mar 2024

Hasna's Journey Through Loss and Legal Labyrinths

18 Mar 2024

Surrendering human rights for migration control

17 Mar 2024

Solar Streams: Transforming Water Access in Khirbit Ghazaleh Using Renewable Energy

16 Mar 2024

Breathing life back into the Damascene Ghouta

16 Mar 2024

Rebuilding Hope for Bahaa's Family in Syria

14 Mar 2024

After 13 years of war, Syria’s catastrophic economy is pushing people beyond desperation.

08 Mar 2024

How displacement in informal sites intensifies forced marriage risks in Iraq

06 Mar 2024

Helping Families to Realise Their Rights: DRC's Legal Aid in Iraq

01 Mar 2024

Danish NGOs in joint appeal: The situation in Rafah requires urgent political action

17 Feb 2024

Joint statement on Rafah, Gaza

14 Feb 2024

Statement on Conflict-Induced Hunger in Gaza

06 Feb 2024

A Day of Disaster & a Year of Challenges

05 Feb 2024

Life Amidst Landmines: Ahmed's Journey of Survival and Hope

05 Feb 2024

Press Release: One year after catastrophic earthquakes struck Türkiye and Syria millions are still left without safe homes

29 Jan 2024

UNRWA funding cuts threaten Palestinian lives in Gaza and region, say NGOs

16 Jan 2024

Yemen: Escalation spells disaster for civilians still reeling from crisis say INGOs

02 Jan 2024

DRC Yemen: Transforming Lives in 2023

28 Dec 2023

DRC's Intervention Saves Saeed's Life Following a Landmine Explosion

15 Dec 2023

Joint-statement: Urgent ceasefire needed to save lives and avert wider Middle East conflict

07 Dec 2023

NGOs Express Grave Concern Over Suspension of Food Assistance in Yemen

03 Dec 2023

Cash assistance is it’s impact on Amir and his displaced family

22 Nov 2023

Four Day pause is not enough for the people of Gaza

31 Oct 2023

Statement: Ceasefire must be delivered for the people of Gaza

29 Oct 2023

Stories from Yemen: DRC Economic Recovery Interventions

21 Oct 2023

Statement: International Humanitarian Law must be upheld in Gaza

18 Oct 2023

Statement on the attack of the Al Ahli hospital in Gaza: Civilians should never be a target of conflict

18 Oct 2023

#CeasefireNow: Open Call for an Immediate Ceasefire in the Gaza Strip and Israel to Prevent a Humanitarian Catastrophe and Further Loss of Innocent Lives

08 Oct 2023

DRC statement on the escalation of violence in Israel/Palestine

02 Oct 2023

Stories from the field: "In Syria, getting humanitarian supplies delivered is a herculean task"

02 Oct 2023

Joint Statement: Millions still struggling to survive in Yemen, as the cost of food soars 300%, humanitarian actors warn.

01 Oct 2023

Enhancing the Safety and Resilience of Communities through Humanitarian Mine Action Interventions in Yemen

26 Sep 2023

New jobs for now: Supporting municipalities against the earthquake aftermath

21 Sep 2023

Youth-led social cohesion: Bringing Muqdadiya back together

15 Sep 2023

Joint Statement on Yemen Humanitarian Situation and Funding Gap

12 Sep 2023

Empowering the Sharaqui Community: A Journey of Transformation through Access to Clean Water

12 Sep 2023

DRC attends the 11th Meeting of State Parties of the Convention on Cluster Munitions on 11th to 14th of September.

11 Sep 2023

DRC Supports Refugees’ Access to Key Services in Earthquake-Affected Zones

11 Sep 2023

Greece: Celebrating friendship in a music video by refugee children

03 Sep 2023

Fostering Economic Resilience: Danish Refugee Council hosts Market Linkage events in Iraq to support entrepreneurs to thrive

30 Aug 2023

Agri-Tech Solutions for Better Climate Resilience in Displacement Affected Areas in Iraq

24 Aug 2023

Microinsurance Initiative for Informal Workers in the Middle East

24 Aug 2023

Digital Employment and Entrepreneurship Access for Young Iraqi and Syrian refugees

22 Aug 2023

​ DREAM: Digital Race for Employment and Mobility ​ in Tunisia

22 Aug 2023

CHASE - Capable, Hopeful, Accepted, Safe and Engaged Youth in Lebanon

22 Aug 2023

A Father’s Pride

10 Aug 2023

"I have always taken my decisions with the priority of supporting my family that remained in Lebanon in mind"

06 Aug 2023

Press release: Half a year since devastating earthquake – More than 3.5 million remain without a home

03 Aug 2023

Providing Cash Assistance to Help Displaced People Rebuild Their Lives

27 Jul 2023

Working with local organizations to develop a Theory of Change for long-term gender transformation and economic empowerment for women

26 Jul 2023

DRC's Psychosocial Support: a Lifeline for Earthquake Survivors

25 Jul 2023

Statement: Attack on DRC compound in Basra

23 Jul 2023

“Now I feel I am a human being with dignity” – Aish, a displaced person in Yemen

23 Jul 2023

Solar Power Solves Water Access Problem in Yemen

11 Jul 2023

On sending and using cluster munitions: Never under any circumstances

21 Jun 2023

Press Release: In 2022 DRC reached more than 19 million people with crucial assistance

20 Jun 2023

Press release: Closing Event Marks Successful Completion of "Resilient Youth, Socially and Economically Empowered" (RYSE) Project in Jordan

09 Jun 2023

Addressing critical needs of Afghans: New Study Recommends Strategies for Principled Action

06 Jun 2023

How DRC’s mine action work is restoring hope in Iraq

06 Jun 2023

Yemen: Cash assistance is improving lives in Lahj

05 Jun 2023

Just one dream left: a dangerous journey through Yemen

01 Jun 2023

Yemen - Piloting Biogas as a Source of Clean Energy and Fertilizer in Partnership with Yemini Social Enterprise

30 May 2023

Protecting Rights at Borders VI: What we do in the shadows

04 May 2023

Security and dignity through shelter support in informal sites in Iraq

01 May 2023

Digital livelihoods in the Azraq refugee camp

04 Apr 2023

20 years of mine action in Iraq

22 Mar 2023

Open Letter to the Yemeni Parties to the Conflict from 141 NGOs: Restore and Renew the Truce and Build Lasting Peace

13 Mar 2023

47 NGOs in Joint Statement: Earthquake one month on: Funding falls short of huge needs in Syria

06 Mar 2023

One month since devastating earthquakes, thousands of families still need shelter, water, and food 

28 Feb 2023

Photo Story: A day in the life of a Member of the WASH and Maintenance Committee in Al Rebat camp, Yemen

23 Feb 2023

Life Interrupted: A story of heartbreak and anguish at every corner

21 Feb 2023

Bringing water to communities in Yemen

14 Feb 2023

Syria: 35 INGO and Syrian NGOs demanding unfettered access and massive scale-up of humanitarian response

09 Feb 2023

Press Release: DRC has lost a second colleague in Türkiye

08 Feb 2023

Press Release: Loss of DRC colleague in Türkiye

06 Feb 2023

Press Release: Devastating earthquake hits Syria and Türkiye leaving thousands in urgent need

12 Jan 2023

Iraq is at a crossroads – the EU’s engagement in 2023 can help set the course

25 Nov 2022

Local Anchor Groups: A localized approach to address gender-based violence

08 Nov 2022

Financial aid saves affected people by the floods

29 Sep 2022

44 national and international NGOs call for renewal and expansion of truce in Yemen

15 Sep 2022

Five years on from the end of the conflict, up to one million Iraqis lack essential identity documents

31 Aug 2022

Youth Employment in Tunisia - The ACREM project

01 Aug 2022

Joint Statement

24 Mar 2022

The deadly legacy of Yemen’s forgotten conflict

24 Mar 2022

Press release: The deadly legacy of Yemen’s forgotten conflict

20 Mar 2022

Iraqi Water Week (14-22 March): Iraq’s water situation continues to deteriorate, with devastating impacts on lives and livelihoods for thousands of Iraqis

17 Mar 2022

Video: Spring Recharge

16 Mar 2022

Press release: Without support, people in Yemen will pay the highest price.

15 Mar 2022

Press release: Access to services and early recovery desperately needed to help Syrian population

10 Dec 2021

"I dream of opening a shop on the main street of town": Exploring links between gender, economic empowerment and violence against women in Iraq

17 Feb 2021

Danish press release: Reaction to Denmark’s decision to revoke Syrian refugees’ residence permits

21 Jan 2021

Press release: Yemen Statement

20 Oct 2020

Yemeni communities becoming resilient one seed at a time