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Moldova: And the next level...

Many studies would prove in different ways that language learning is essential for increasing the resilience of refugees, providing them with opportunities for education, social engagement and access to services.

Posted on 08 Dec 2023

But, what would Nastya*, a 55+ young lady from Kharkiv, Ukraine say about it? Why would she join the online Romanian classes with the Learning Centre in Moldova?  

Nastya has successfully completed the A1 level of the Romanian online language course giving the exceptional feedback and expressing the highest level of satisfaction for the course. She enjoyed the discussions clubs, which her fellow candidates – Ukrainian citizens in refuge in Moldova used to join for learning, hoping, seeking,.. learning, hoping..  

“And finally, it has become clear how Romanian words change according to the gender …” , Nastya proudly.  

Nastya with the family found refuge in Orhei. In all the hardship, she knew that finding a job at her age would be far from easy, but she refused to lose hope. While she continued to study the new language, Nastya persisted in her search for employment, even if it wasn’t her field of expertise as an ecology lab worker.  

“Either I am lucky, or I don’t know, but I have met just positive people on my journey, and I am very thankful for all the received help!” 

She has recently found a job with a water supply and utility company in Cahul, which brought relief to her family members. They still don’t think about integration, but the ”reality” prevails. New relations are made daily, some bonds with relatives in Moldova are reconnected.  

In Nastya’s opinion, this language learning and business counseling program which support refugee population in Moldova should continue because it means more than just skills and knowledge. It helps in everyday life – to buy medicines, to go to the bank, to take a grandchild out for a walk.  

She is eagerly awaiting the Danish Refugee Council and partner AO Platforma to secure funding for the launch of the next level of the Romanian Language Course (possibly again at ANTEM online classes, Moldova).  

*Names are changed to protect identities 

 In 2023, DRC through the partnership with Platforma has supported:

  • Over 900 refugees and host community individuals to receive legal and career counseling and increase their participation in the workforce. 
  • Over 200 beneficiaries with the Romanian language courses  
  • Over 100 beneficiaries to enroll the short-term professional classes 
  • Over 400 beneficiaries to receive career counseling assistance, with 130 successfully reaching employment opportunities.
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