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Meet Reza Tahami, our Protection Officer and Cultural Mediator

Reza Tahami is a citizen of Iran who works for the Danish Refugee Council for three years as a protection officer and cultural mediator in Tuzla canton, providing essential protection to people on the move, as well as humanitarian assistance to people without access to formal reception facilities and essential services.


Posted on 12 Oct 2022

Reza is a member of the DRC Outreach team that identifies vulnerable categories for referral to reception facilities and provides emergency life-saving assistance in informal locations. 

“I choose to develop my career working for DRC because of the possibility to directly support the people in need. As a humanitarian, I have the opportunity to work on the front lines of major world events,  to use my knowledge and skills to assist people whose countries of origin are affected by crises and conflicts. Working with an amazing team in the DRC makes you value your job and allows you to do many things and provide wide assistance to people on the move,” emphasize Reza, whose most valuable contribution was to build and nurture the reputation of the DRC in Tuzla Canton.

Reza also contributed to the establishment of coordination between the institutions, agencies, and NGOs in Tuzla Canton, being the focal point for all organizations and serving as a cultural mediator. Reza is well known among the migrant population and a good spirit who always do his best to help them as much as possible, being emphatic and showing understanding for every person he met.

“DRC in Tuzla Canton is the only organization providing protection for single men and identifying cases of gender-based violence, and thanks to that all agencies and authorities recognize that DRC plays an important role in mixed migration response. Being the one and only protection officer and cultural mediator in this wide area makes my job more challenging. Nevertheless, I am always in coordination with all organizations on the field to assist people on the move since one can grow up in a hard time and challenging environment,” concludes Reza.

When having free time, Reza enjoys watching movies or walking around the city, shopping, or tasting different foods in restaurants.

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