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Meet Ines Arnautović, our Health Team Leader

Ines strongly believes in the power of the little word "thank you" which becomes huge in her heart after she knows that we DRC teams have helped a person in need.


Posted on 08 Nov 2022

Ines Arnautović started working for DRC as a Protection Officer in temporary reception centers and outreach locations. Currently, she is a DRC Health team leader in Una-Sana Canton, the exit point towards the EU for the people on the move currently residing in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Ines is responsible for the organization of teams that operates in the reception center, Lipa for the single man. Monitoring specific medical cases and acceptance of the disease that leaves a mark on people's health after recovery is also the scope of her work. Ines is an emphatic person that provides daily assistance to the medical teams from local health institutions that operates within infirmaries in temporary reception centers.

“Knowing that I have a wonderful and professional team around me and that values my work, respects me as a colleague and friend, makes me a better, complete, and satisfied person who provides mutual support to the team and people in need. The DRC gave me the opportunity to prove myself, recognizing my potential to be a dedicated worker in mixed migration response in BiH. I am very grateful for the given opportunity to work in NGO that enables me to support people in need on a daily basis,” said Ines, adding that she adapts her day according to the needs of the people on and the organization of her team.

Providing assistance to the vulnerable categories in need of medical support, and further monitoring of cases in order to get the highest quality service and the right to medical aid regardless of differences is very high on the scale of Ines’s priorities. Ines is a hardworking worker that contributed to the DRC and the team, especially by sharing her experience and knowledge with younger colleagues. Ines strongly believes in the power of the little word "thank you" which becomes huge in her heart after she knows that we DRC teams have helped a person in need.

“In the beginning challenges while working were related to people staying in outreach when there was no place for them to be accommodated in temporary reception centers where they have access to basic needs. Currently, the biggest challenges are related to people who need medical help and do not want to accept it. In such situations, our team looks for a way to turn the challenge into a successful solution, helping the person use many methods to contribute to healing. As a Health Team Leader, I was challenged at the same time to be a team leader with answers to every question but also be friendly and supportive to the team members after some difficult days... But I managed everything thanks to the support of my line manager and my team that supports me daily, successfully performs tasks and achieves the set goals,” concludes Ines.

Ines likes to spend her free time with family, who is her biggest support, and with friends who are always there for her. Having in mind that her job is stressful, she is dedicated to nurturing her mental health every day through various relaxing activities. 

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