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Digital livelihoods in the Azraq refugee camp

Providing vulnerable camp-based Syrian refugees with the skills to access remote work opportunities using digital platforms.

Photo from Azraq refugee camp, January 2019. Home to around 40.000 Syrian refugees. Photo by: Martin Thaulow

Posted on 01 May 2023

Mitigating low employment through remote work
Husband and wife Salman and Nadia with their three children outside their caravan in the Azraq Refugee Camp, Jordan. Photo by: Mais Salman/DRC

Mitigating low employment through remote work

Syrian refugees living in Azraq Camp have very few opportunities to earn income. Mainly reliant on cash assistance provided by UNHCR and the few, short-term, incentive-based volunteering opportunities with NGOs in the camp. Syrian refugees living in Azraq Camp commonly report utilizing stress-level coping strategies, such as reducing their expenditure on food or buying food on credit (UNHCR, 2022).

This projects seeks to improve refugees chances of accessing work by facilitating connections between interested and capable refugees and remote work through digital platforms. This approach is an innovative way to support income generation for refugees in the camp, where markets and job opportunities are extremely limited.

Enhancing the capacities of Syrian refugees
Fidda with her family in their home at the Azraq refugee camp. Photo by: Mais Salman/DRC.

Enhancing the capacities of Syrian refugees

Through this project, at least 100 Syrian refugees will benefit from tailored Information, Communication, and Technology (ICT) training, provided by an external specialist. Interested refugees will be provided with training on remote work and freelancing, as well as on specific remote work curricula developed previously by DRC. This curriculum is based on the most in-demand remote jobs identified through a market assessment and includes data entry and call center agents jobs which require minimal existing skills, making them more accessible to vulnerable camp-based refugees.

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