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DRC: Health care for Ukrainians in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Since the arrival in Bosnia and Herzegovina of the first people from war-affected Ukraine in February 2022, the Danish Refugee Council has been actively involved in providing critical protection and medical services. These include both immediate and longer-term health care.

Posted on 27 Jul 2022

"We are trying to reach all Ukrainian people in need of health care on the territory of Bosnia and Herzegovina. So far, we have ensured different types of treatment for 80 people. Our assistance is also reflected in providing therapy for chronic patients or acquiring orthopedic aids," says Samir Ahmetović, DRC Health Team Leader in Bosnia and Herzegovina. 

DRC is the only NGO in Bosnia and Herzegovina that has signed contracts with public health institutions to ensure referral mechanism for Ukrainians and access to actual medical treatment. This enables DRC partner organisations such as the Red Cross, Bosnia and Herzegovina Women’s Initiative (BHWI) or Vaša Prava who are already familiar with the mandate and scope of work of DRC, and present in locations where people from Ukraina are in need for health care, to rapidly refer them to health services. This allows Ukrainians and other people in need of access to either immediate or longer-term treatment in hospitals when necessary. 

"We are proud of our solid partnership relations with other humanitarian organisations that deliver services and provide valuable information about Ukrainians who are in need of health care. Such cooperation guarantees that we will be better able to adequately respond to the real needs of people. Additionally, the national Service for Foreigner’s Affairs of Bosnia and Herzegovina regularly informs us about the locations of new arrivals and vulnerable groups, after which our mobile teams visit those people and determine how we can provide assistance," concludes Samir Ahmetović. 

In light of the fact, that many of the currently displaced Ukrainians are women and children, DRC pays special attention to particularly vulnerable groups among them – including not least pregnant women and small children. 

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