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In Asia, DRC is present in Afghanistan, Bangladesh, and Myanmar. Among the activities implemented here, is the direct delivery of humanitarian assistance targeting people affected by conflict and displacement - meaning both the displaced individuals and families as well as the communities hosting them.

DRC delivers direct humanitarian assistance in displacement and host communities through the country offices. Activities are implemented through all five DRC core sector - and includes Protection, Economic Recovery, Humanitarian Disarmament & Peacebuilding, Shelter & Settlements, and Camp Coordination & Camp Management sector - as well as Water, Sanitation & Hygiene (WASH).

DRC’s Regional Office for Asia and Europe is temporarily based in Dhaka, Bangladesh while awaiting registration in Thailand, and hosts the Asia Displacement Solutions Platform (ADSP) as well as the Mixed Migration Centre (MMC).

In addition to its country operations, DRC in Asia leads regional initiatives, including the ‘Protecting Refugees in Asia’ (PRiA) project, which is a three-year ECHO-funded initiative launched mid-2021 to address protection risks and needs of refugees in Southeast Asia.

The initiative combines evidence-based research, programmatic and advocacy expertise to inform integrated regional protection responses in support of not least Rohingya refugees as the world’s largest stateless population. Across all levels of DRC’s operations in Asia, DRC is increasingly integrating climate-adaptive programming, partially guided by its recent research initiative in collaboration with the Stockholm Environment Institute (SEI).

Country operations in Asia

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07 May 2024

Afghans increasingly forced to return from Iran, an overlooked population in dire need of protection

14 Dec 2023

Homebound: The horrendous journey of close to half a million Afghans forced to return from Pakistan, through their voices

14 Dec 2023

Almost 500,000 returning Afghans in desperate need of food, shelter and employment to survive winter

29 Nov 2023

Focus on Regions: Launch of the Mixed Migration Review 2023

02 Nov 2023

Afghans returning from Pakistan after expulsion order have nowhere to go, warn aid agencies

16 Oct 2023

Press release: Three large earthquakes in Afghanistan in one week have left people traumatized

08 Oct 2023

Press release: DRC Danish Refugee Council responds to earthquake in Afghanistan

29 Sep 2023

Afghanistan: Building rural resilience to cope with climate change

12 Sep 2023

DRC attends the 11th Meeting of State Parties of the Convention on Cluster Munitions on 11th to 14th of September.

11 Sep 2023

Women in western Afghanistan to benefit from integrated DRC support

11 Sep 2023

Greece: Celebrating friendship in a music video by refugee children

28 Aug 2023

Bangladesh: Empowering women in refugee host communities

11 Jul 2023

On sending and using cluster munitions: Never under any circumstances

21 Jun 2023

Press Release: In 2022 DRC reached more than 19 million people with crucial assistance

20 Jun 2023

Bangladesh: Displaced within the world’s largest refugee camp

09 Jun 2023

Addressing critical needs of Afghans: New Study Recommends Strategies for Principled Action

30 May 2023

Protecting Rights at Borders VI: What we do in the shadows

25 May 2023

The impact of immigration detention on Rohingya Refugees in Malaysia and the need for reform

22 May 2023

Promoting Community Resilience through the Humanitarian, Basic Needs, and Conflict Sensitivity Nexus

15 May 2023

DRC launches cyclone emergency response in Myanmar and Bangladesh

04 May 2023

More than half a million Afghans supported through Area-Based Approach for Development Emergency Initiative (ABADEI)

01 Apr 2023

Promoting Climate Change Adaptation & Resilient Practices in Southern Coastal Areas in Bangladesh

31 Mar 2023

DRC Standby Roster monitoring mission: Working for protection and durable solutions for refugees and IDPs in Bangladesh

28 Feb 2023

Economic and environmental well-being via garment recycling

06 Feb 2023

The Danish Refugee Appeals Board has decided to grant refugee status to Afghan women and girls, who have applied for asylum in Denmark

16 Jan 2023

New report: How anti-trafficking and anti-smuggling measures can improve protection for Rohingya Refugees in Asia

25 Dec 2022

DRC Statement on the Ban on Women working with NGOs in Afghanistan

23 Dec 2022

Rescue efforts urgently needed as hundreds of Rohingya refugees continue to struggle to stave off dehydration and starvation while stranded at sea in Asia

22 Dec 2022

DRC Denounces the Announcement to Bar Women in Afghanistan from University

01 Dec 2022

Climate resilience building of at-risk communities in Khulna district in Bangladesh

13 Sep 2022

Ongoing displacements in Myanmar

04 Sep 2022

Educating conflict-affected people in Myanmar on the risk and impact of Unexploded Ordnances

02 Sep 2022

Danish press release: DRC will commence demining activities in Helmand

30 Aug 2022

Addressing Food Insecurity of Households Facing Protracted Displacement in Northern Shan

26 Aug 2022

Crossing Afghanistan’s Border to Survive: The Story of Nargina

20 Aug 2022

Press release: Fatal accident in Afghanistan

16 Aug 2022

Cash providing a food-secure line to displaced families in Northern Shan, Myanmar

01 Aug 2022

Most Significant Change

25 Jul 2022

Restoring life in Zindajan

07 Jul 2022

The Transition to Peace and Recovery in Rural Afghanistan

22 Jun 2022

Press release: DRC reaction to deadly earthquake in Afghanistan

16 May 2022

Press release: Afghan diaspora call for strengthened engagement on Afghanistan

27 Apr 2022

Press release: Patron for the Danish Refugee Council, the Crown Princess of Denmark, visits Rohingya camps

25 Apr 2022

Humanitarian mine action in Afghanistan

24 Mar 2022

Hunger eats away at Afghans' ability to dignified self-preservation

22 Mar 2022

Myanmar: New waves of displacement in Kachin State

17 Feb 2022

Repairing homes on former frontlines in Afghanistan

17 Feb 2022

Widowed and displaced with nine children

17 Feb 2022

Hardship and resilience in rural Afghanistan: Meet Nabiullah from Nawa

14 Jan 2022

Afghan mine action capacity at risk

11 Jan 2022

Press release: Record-high needs for aid in Afghanistan

17 Aug 2021

As crisis in Afghanistan unfolds: Humanitarian access and open borders essential

16 Jul 2021

DRC calls for deportations to Afghanistan to be put on hold

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Protecting Refugees in Asia (PRiA)
Protecting Refugees in Asia (PRiA)

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Exploring the environment-conflict-migration nexus in Asia
Exploring the environment-conflict-migration nexus in Asia

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Research report from the Asia Displacement Solutions Platform (ADSP)
Research report from the Asia Displacement Solutions Platform (ADSP)

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MMC Resources on Rohingya movements across Asia
MMC Resources on Rohingya movements across Asia

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Refugee protection, human smuggling, and trafficking in Bangladesh and Southeast Asia
Refugee protection, human smuggling, and trafficking in Bangladesh and Southeast Asia

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Voices from Afghanistan, Myanmar and Bangladesh
Voices from Afghanistan, Myanmar and Bangladesh

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