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Bread making empowering women in Bentiu at DRC’s Women and Girls Friendly Spaces (WGFS)

In 2021, the life of Nyankuoth, a resilient 25-year-old single mother of four children, was upended by the devastating combination of floods and conflict in her home village. Forced to flee her home in search of safety and stability, Nyankuoth found herself in the challenging environment of Bentiu.

Lakoyo Shakira

Posted on 16 Apr 2024

The harsh circumstances Nyankuoth and her children faced left her with little hope for the future. However, amidst the turmoil, an opportunity emerged as Nyankuoth became an active member of one of the Women and Girls Friendly Spaces in Bentiu.

Her journey from adversity to empowerment began when she was selected to acquire skills in the art of bread making under the Complementary Action for Resilience Building project implemented by DRC and funded by USAID.

The Women and Girls Friendly Space in Bentiu has proven to be a vital source of support and empowerment for women like Nyankuoth, offering a refuge where they can come together, learn, and grow.

Nyankuoth was one of the fortunate few selected for the bread making training program. These trainees dedicate themselves to honing their skills five days a week, despite the unavoidable interruptions posed by their household responsibilities. 

The training program aimed to empower women like Nyankuoth by equipping them with a valuable skillset that could be turned into a means of livelihood for themselves and their families.

As a single mother, Nyankuoth saw this opportunity as life-changing, a chance not only to support her children but also to regain a sense of purpose and independence. 

Nyankuoth, like many others in her situation, had faced countless obstacles. The trauma of displacement, the burden of providing for her children alone by fetching firewood from long distances to sell, and the uncertainty of her future are formidable challenges.

However, with a determination born out of love for her children and a desire for a better life, she embraced the bread making training. 

Each day, Nyankuoth wakes up early and makes her way to the training center. She balances her learning with her household responsibilities, sometimes needing to skip a training session to ensure her children's well-being.

Despite these challenges, she remains committed to the program and believes that the skills she is acquiring would open doors to a brighter future.


Through this training, I am determined in my quest to acquire essential skills that will enable me to not only provide for my children but also establish a thriving bread business within my community, ensuring a sustainable source of income for my family's well-being.

/  Nyankuoth

The bread making training program offers more than just culinary skills; it provides a supportive community where Nyankuoth and her fellow trainees can lean on each other for encouragement and assistance at the DRC Women and Girls Friendly Space.

The solidarity among the trainees has become a source of emotional strength, creating a network of women who share similar struggles and dreams. 

Every day, Nyankuoth's skills in bread making is improving. She has learned to knead the dough, select the best ingredients, and operate the ovens.

The joy and pride that comes with each freshly baked loaf are immeasurable. Nyankuoth's transformation is not limited to her skills; her confidence is growing each day, and she has started to see a path to economic independence. 

The Women and Girls Friendly Space plays a pivotal role in Nyankuoth's transformation. Beyond the bread making training, it offers support in various forms.

Sessions on entrepreneurship, financial literacy, and personal development provide the trainees with valuable knowledge that complements their newfound skills. Nyankuoth has begun to envision the creation of her small bread making business. 

With guidance from the DRC team, Nyankuoth and her fellow trainees continue to learn about business planning, budgeting, and marketing.

These lessons are essential in shaping their aspirations into tangible enterprises. Nyankuoth's determination to provide a better life for her children has become a palpable force driving her forward. 

In Nyankuoth's case, the Women and Girls Friendly Space in Bentiu and the bread making training program are instruments for her transformation.

As she continues to thrive in her endeavors, she embodies the spirit of resilience and empowerment, proving that success can indeed arise from the most challenging circumstances. 

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