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Financial Aid for Ukrainians in BiH

DRC ensured a financial voucher for Ukrainians residing in Bosnia and Herzegovina.


Posted on 04 Oct 2022

Since the beginning of the war in Ukraine, millions of people have been forced to flee their homes, and several hundred, mostly women and children, have found refuge in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The Danish Refugee Council has been actively providing protection and medical services for Ukrainian citizens since the first day of their arrival in this country.

“DRC is the only humanitarian organization that has signed contracts with public health institutions which enable the medical care and referral mechanism for Ukrainians in case of their need for hospitalization. Thanks to state authorities, partner organizations, especially Red Cross we are able to provide so needed help for all people in need,” says Samir Ahmetović, DRC Health Team Leader in Bosnia and Herzegovina. 

DRC has even ensured a financial voucher for Ukrainians, and in light of the fact that many families have members with severe health conditions and chronic patients, they were the priority.

"Until now we have supported 70 members of families who have enhanced need for high quality of nutrition and supplements. We are happy because of their positive feedback regarding this one-time financial contribution, due to they will be able to shop in the local market for what they need. DRC will continue to support Ukrainians in BiH, we will continue to be there for those in need," concludes Aleksandra Damjanović, DRC Protection Team Leader in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

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