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Moldova: DRC is committed to continue strategic partnership with Ministry of Internal Affairs of Moldova to strengthen joint refugee response

"With an estimated 113,183 Ukrainian refugees and third-country nationals currently staying in Moldova, and more arriving each day, the need for collaborative efforts in effective and sustainable crisis recovery is critical.

Posted on 12 Dec 2023

On 11 December 2023, DRC’s Executive Director for DRC Asia &Europe, Gerry Garvey, signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the Ministry of Internal Affairs for the Republic of Moldova, represented at the signing ceremony by the Minister. This joint effort formalises the scaled-up partnership to support enhancement of refugee protection in Moldova.  

Pursuant to this agreement DRC priorities cooperation with the Ministry of Internal Affairs and General Inspectorate for Migration in 2024 and maintaining multiple programmatic activities in the country. 

DRC will continue focusing on the field-based work in the domain of protection, including provision of legal aid, strengthening accommodation capacity, and contributing to effective facilitation of comprehensive procedures and mechanisms of Temporary Protection in the country.

DRC will also help to strengthen the Government’s efforts to improve conditions at the Accommodation Asylum Centre and their access to international rights in Moldova in the coming year. In addition, DRC stays committed to engaging in other sectors needed and in relevance with the vast DRC Global expertise.   

"DRC is well positioned in Moldova that allows us to engage and offer support at a time when more people may arrive, reflecting the humanitarian needs and situation in the long run. This collaboration is a strong symbol of the commitment from the Government of Moldova to stride towards sustainable crises response in 2024. DRC alongside the UN team, INGO and LCSO community, has taken active role to support this process from the very beginning, as well as strengthening the networks focused on social policies, migration regulation, and promotion of equal opportunities" – says DRC’s Executive Director for DRC Asia & Europe region, Gerry Garvey.

Since 24 February 2022, Moldova has seen arrival of over 680,000 individuals and with that, a spike in asylum applications. Moldova is currently hosting more Ukrainian refugees per capita than any other country. 65% of Ukrainian refugees are women, 33% are children, and 22% are older persons.

From the beginning to the end of 2023, approximately 200,000 Ukrainian refugees in Moldova will need access to a range of humanitarian services, including access to socio-economic opportunities. 

* Figures are retrieved from UNHCR data finder platform

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DRC Moldova country programme manager

This partnership agreement with the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Moldova and with its Bureau of Migration is a continuation of already established cooperation with the two parties and will pave the way for speeding up direct and wider response to current needs among displaced people and host communities in Moldova. As winter sets in and living conditions worsen, it is critical to enable more effective, inclusive and sustainable crises recovery.

/  DRC Moldova Country Programme Manager, Verica Recevic 

DRC Moldova Country Programme Manager, Verica Recevic and DRC's Executive Director for Asia&EuropePhoto: Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Moldova

DRC Moldova Country Programme Manager, Verica Recevic and DRC's Executive Director for Asia&Europe Photo: Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Moldova

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