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From Refugee to Digital Entrepreneur: Said Abdullahi Aden’s Journey to Success

Posted on 19 Jun 2024

Said Abdullahi Aden embarked on a transformative journey in 2009 when he arrived at the Dadaab refugee camp, seeking safety and a new beginning. Life in the camp was fraught with challenges, but amidst the adversity, an opportunity arose that would reshape his future.

In late 2022, Said joined the Danish Refugee Council (DRC) Digital Learning Program at the Horyal Center. Initially skeptical about the potential of digital learning and online income generation, he decided to embrace the opportunity. The training commenced with the International Computer Driving License (ICDL) course, providing essential computer skills. Over five months of rigorous training, Said and his peers were introduced to the Ajira Digital Program, aimed at equipping youth with digital skills for online income generation.

Under the guidance of their trainer, Said and his cohort delved into various digital skills, including translation, transcription, and video editing. By the end of the training, the potential for online earnings became evident. Said focused on platforms like Upwork, Proz.com, and Mars Translation, where he began earning an average of $100 per platform, totaling $300 per month. As his earnings grew, Said established a home workstation, enhancing his productivity.

The impact of this opportunity transcended Said's personal success, as he became a beacon of hope and a mentor within the refugee camp. He initiated mentorship programs, assisting numerous individuals in learning and earning online. Said's efforts resulted in guiding 13 individuals to achieve similar success.


The DRC Digital Learning Program transformed Said's life, offering him opportunities he never imagined possible as a refugee in the Dadaab camp. Recently, he completed a four-month training course on Amazon Web Services (AWS) and obtained certification as an AWS Certified Practitioner, further broadening his skill set and opening new avenues for growth.

Said's journey from hardship to success serves as a testament to the transformative power of education and digital learning. Through his experience, he continues to inspire and uplift others within his community, grateful for the opportunities afforded to him and eager to pursue further growth and mentorship.

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