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Statement: DRC Central African Republic

It is with great sadness that the Danish Refugee Council (DRC) must inform of the passing of a colleague from our country team in the Central African Republic.

Posted on 10 Sep 2021

Our colleague, a national of the Central African Republic, passed on 09 September 2021, when a DRC car moving in a convoy of 2 hit an explosive device on the road between Paoua and Bocaranga in the Central African Republic.

“Our colleague was a valued member of the entire team of the Central African Republic, and he will be forever missed. Our thoughts are with his family and relatives as they go through these difficult times,” says DRC Secretary General, Charlotte Slente.

Eight other colleagues were part of the 2-car convoy. Three of them suffered minor injuries but have been treated at a medical facility in Paoua and their lives are not in danger. DRC has provided psycho-social support to the survivors, fellow staff, and families.

DRC strongly condemns the use of explosive ordnances that cause undiscriminated harm to civilian populations and humanitarian aid workers.

In remembrance of the deceased colleague, DRC staff in the Central African Republic and Regional Office in Dakar observed a minute of silence. Further, DRC’s base in Paoua was closed on 10 September 2021 and DRC’s offices in Bangui and Batangafo closed at 13.00 local time

DRC’s crucial activities for the population in the Central African Republic will resume on Monday 13 September 2021.

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