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Moldova: Helping refugees from Ukraine overcome digital literacy barriers

As of 1 March 2023, citizens from Ukraine are entitled to temporary protection in Moldova. The new decree issued by the Government of the Republic of Moldova introduces measures for people fleeing from the war in Ukraine – but the problem for some is the process that requires access to IT, internet, and digital skills. 

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Posted on 14 Apr 2023

It is all online and easy to access – at least for many of the Ukrainian refugees in Moldova who seek temporary protection status in Moldova. The majority are familiar with digital platforms, skilled users of IT gadgets, and used to online communication. But among them are also women and men of age or limited education who are not confident with online applications or who may not have access to smart phones and devices that allow for complex and lengthy application procedures.  

To make the process easier for the refugees and asylum-seekers, DRC Moldova has launched a series of information sessions on the new Temporary Protection Decree in the places where Ukrainians are hosted – either at the formal Refugees Accommodation Centers or elsewhere where they may seek information and protection assistance. During the sessions, DRC inform people from Ukraine who have either been there for some time or who have recently arrived in Moldova, about their rights, guarantees and benefits under the new Temporary Protection Directive. The sessions support people in understanding legal terms and obligations. DRC staff who are experts in legal aid and protection assist people in taking the necessary steps to get the temporary protection and respond to queries related to issues connected with their stay in Moldova. 

Sessions have so far been delivered in northern Moldova’s Soroca district, Anenii Noi and Razeni near the capital Chisinau, where DRC staff conducted a step-by-step presentation of the process of preregistering online first to get the ticket that will give the person the right to go the General Inspectorate for Migration and submit their application for Temporary Protection. The DRC protection team provided guidance and information on peculiarities of the preregistration to make this stage more accessible for the Ukrainian asylum-seekers. The sessions further include opportunities for those who do not have computers or otherwise access to IT and internet.  

More information about the Temporary Protection Decree issues by the Government of Moldova is available on this official site 

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