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DRC’s Global Press Department stands ready to assist journalists in setting up interviews with DRC management, experts or staff on the ground and provide facts and background information related to our work in 40 countries around the world.

Secretary General Charlotte Slente visiting South Sudan.

Secretary General Charlotte Slente visiting South Sudan.

DRC Media Hotline

If you are a journalist and need to get in touch with the Global Press Department, please contact our media hotline.

We respond to requests between 8:00am and 6:00pm CET.

Call us at +45 28 11 67 27 (no text/SMS). E-mail us at [email protected].


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28 Jun 2024

Press Release: Impact of CCY's Programme in Strengthening the Resilience of Yemen's Vulnerable Communities

13 Jun 2024

Press Release: Uganda Cash Consortium secures € 7.2 Million grant to expand cash assistance for Refugees in Uganda

13 Mar 2024

New Report: Displacement is going to increase by more than 6.8 million people in the coming two years

22 Feb 2024

Ukraine: Two years after Russia’s full-scale invasion, the situation for the millions of internally displaced is deteriorating fast

05 Feb 2024

Press Release: One year after catastrophic earthquakes struck Türkiye and Syria millions are still left without safe homes

13 Dec 2023

NGOs urge global leaders to bridge the responsibility gap for refugee hosting and protection in East Africa

16 Oct 2023

Press release: Three large earthquakes in Afghanistan in one week have left people traumatized

08 Oct 2023

Press release: DRC Danish Refugee Council responds to earthquake in Afghanistan

02 Oct 2023

Beaten by police, bitten by dogs, and robbed of all rights: New Report Reveals Alarming Pushbacks and Violations at Europe's borders

05 Aug 2023

Niger: NGOs warn further instability and sanctions could exacerbate humanitarian needs of the most vulnerable including women and children

22 Jun 2023

Press Release: Uganda Cash Consortium Receives €6 Million in Funding from European Union to Provide Cash Assistance to Refugees in Uganda

21 Jun 2023

Press Release: In 2022 DRC reached more than 19 million people with crucial assistance

30 May 2023

Protecting Rights at Borders VI: What we do in the shadows

23 Mar 2023

Fatal vehicle accident in Tanzania kills DRC employee

14 Mar 2023

Children in Greece without documents, children still at risk

13 Mar 2023

New report: Displacement is projected to increase by more than 5.4 million people in the coming two years

02 Mar 2023

One year after the activation of the Temporary Protection Directive: learnings on protection of refugees from Ukraine

21 Feb 2023

DRC presence in southern Ukraine to reach newly accessible areas

14 Feb 2023

Syria: 35 INGO and Syrian NGOs demanding unfettered access and massive scale-up of humanitarian response

09 Feb 2023

Press Release: DRC has lost a second colleague in Türkiye

08 Feb 2023

Press Release: Loss of DRC colleague in Türkiye

06 Feb 2023

Press Release: Devastating earthquake hits Syria and Türkiye leaving thousands in urgent need

26 Jan 2023

Protecting Rights at Borders: Beaten, punished, and pushed back

16 Jan 2023

New report: How anti-trafficking and anti-smuggling measures can improve protection for Rohingya Refugees in Asia

25 Dec 2022

DRC Statement on the Ban on Women working with NGOs in Afghanistan

23 Dec 2022

Rescue efforts urgently needed as hundreds of Rohingya refugees continue to struggle to stave off dehydration and starvation while stranded at sea in Asia

22 Dec 2022

DRC applauds U.S. efforts to protect humanitarian aid from impact of sanctions

22 Dec 2022

DRC Denounces the Announcement to Bar Women in Afghanistan from University

08 Dec 2022

EU admits Croatia to Schengen Without Regard to Abuses at the Border

06 Dec 2022

Better solutions needed for mixed migration challenges

23 Nov 2022

Press release: DRC facilitates first joint Nordic-Baltic diplomatic tour in Georgia

14 Nov 2022

Danish press release: Winning drawings from DRC's 'Tegn et Hjem'-campaign to be exhibited at FLUGT museum

29 Sep 2022

Empowered Youth and Women in Tunisia through DRC’s programme

29 Sep 2022

44 national and international NGOs call for renewal and expansion of truce in Yemen

15 Sep 2022

Five years on from the end of the conflict, up to one million Iraqis lack essential identity documents

08 Sep 2022

Joint Statement: NGOs call on Member States

02 Sep 2022

Danish press release: DRC will commence demining activities in Helmand

24 Aug 2022

Press release: Worsening humanitarian crisis in Ukraine requires urgent action

20 Aug 2022

Press release: Fatal accident in Afghanistan

25 Jul 2022

Press release: Uganda Cash Consortium Receives €6m in Funding from the EU to Provide Cash Assistance to Refugees

22 Jul 2022

Press release: Joint Open Letter: Broadening the Ukraine refugee response

13 Jul 2022

Press release: Global Displacement Forecast 2022 – July Update

20 Jun 2022

Press release: The global response to the war in Ukraine must become the standard

14 Jun 2022

Press release: International NGOs working in the Democratic Republic of the Congo condemn repeated deadly attacks on displaced civilians

16 May 2022

Press release: Afghan diaspora call for strengthened engagement on Afghanistan

28 Apr 2022

Press release: Will global donors rise to the occasion and prevent starvation and death for millions in Somalia, Ethiopia and Kenya?

27 Apr 2022

Press release: Patron for the Danish Refugee Council, the Crown Princess of Denmark, visits Rohingya camps

26 Apr 2022

Press release: The Ukraine crisis requires increased global aid budgets, not the redirection of existing funds to avoid devastating global humanitarian consequences

24 Mar 2022

Press release: The deadly legacy of Yemen’s forgotten conflict

22 Mar 2022

Press release: Ukraine Urgent action needed to protect civilians from effects of conflict

20 Mar 2022

Iraqi Water Week (14-22 March): Iraq’s water situation continues to deteriorate, with devastating impacts on lives and livelihoods for thousands of Iraqis

16 Mar 2022

Press release: Without support, people in Yemen will pay the highest price.

15 Mar 2022

Press release: Access to services and early recovery desperately needed to help Syrian population

04 Mar 2022

Press release: All fleeing conflict must have access to safety and protection and humanitarian assistance to the affected population must be ensured

24 Feb 2022

Press release: DRC response to violent escalation of conflict in Ukraine

19 Feb 2022

Press release: An escalation of the conflict in Ukraine will increase already high humanitarian needs

17 Feb 2022

Press release: By 2023 displacement will have doubled over a decade, new report predicts

19 Jan 2022

Press release: New sanctions risk plunging the people of Mali further into humanitarian crisis

11 Jan 2022

Press release: Record-high needs for aid in Afghanistan

20 Dec 2021

Press release: DRC is joining the Grand Bargain 2.0

16 Dec 2021

12,000 pushbacks in 2021 reflects worrying normalization of illegal practice

13 Dec 2021

Self-reliance efforts must not lose sight of the achievement of durable solutions

13 Dec 2021

Statement on the Global Compact on Refugees High Level Officials Meeting

30 Nov 2021

Reframing mixed migration: MMC launches the Mixed Migration Review 2021

26 Nov 2021

Criminalizing mobility, securitizing borders, and preventing access to territory will not end dangerous journeys

25 Nov 2021

Thousands of people in DR Congo are in desperate need of humanitarian assistance amid a new surge of violence

18 Nov 2021

DR Congo: Only political and financial solutions can put an end the conflict

10 Sep 2021

Statement: DRC Central African Republic

17 Aug 2021

As crisis in Afghanistan unfolds: Humanitarian access and open borders essential

23 Jul 2021

Using family separation as deterrent – new report documents alarming illegal push-back methods

16 Jul 2021

DRC calls for deportations to Afghanistan to be put on hold

07 Jul 2021

Countering human smuggling: No silver bullet for safer mobility

12 May 2021

Push back of responsibility: Human Rights Violations as a Welcome Treatment at Europe’s Borders

28 Apr 2021

Predictable, preventable and tragic loss of life in the Central Mediterranean

12 Mar 2021

New DRC report on COVID-19 Response Details the Challenges of an Extraordinary Difficult Year for Refugees and Displaced Persons

10 Feb 2021

Press release: DRC commends Colombia’s decision to regularize Venezuelan migrants

04 Feb 2021

Press release: Refugees from Tigray are in need of assistance after arriving to Sudan

25 Jan 2021

DRC Statement on COVID-19 vaccines

21 Jan 2021

Press release: Yemen Statement

23 Dec 2020

Press release: Statement on Ethiopia

10 Nov 2020

Turning rhetoric into reality: New monitoring mechanism at European borders should ensure fundamental rights and accountability

23 Sep 2020

Press release: Asylum and Migration Pact

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Press releases in Danish

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