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Poland: Protecting Ukrainian lives through Risk Education

DRC steps up efforts to raise awareness of Explosive Ordnance Risk in Ukraine through educational activities for refugees and other displaced people in Poland. The aim is to reach people who visit areas affected by the war or plan to return to resettle.

DRC Poland

Posted on 25 Aug 2023

The EORE sessions – short for Explosive Ordnance Risk Education - will be delivered in the form of training events and interactive presentations, using digital tools and technologies and other visual educational material. The aim is to raise awareness on the dangers posed by explosive hazards and remnants of war in Ukraine. These will be looking at how to recognise dangerous areas and the basic rules of safe behaviour in these situations as well as useful items to carry and how to read the warning signs. 

"We want to prepare Ukrainian civilians and raise awareness of some of the risks from explosive remnants of war in Ukraine," says Helena Lassen, DRC Country Director for Poland, Moldova, and Romania:  

"Having knowledge about risks and safe behavior enables people to act more responsibly and to prevent accidents, although the ongoing conflict is posing daily threats to their lives. It may seem far away and be difficult to understand the importance of disseminating knowledge on risks related to explosive ordnance and mine remnants in Poland. But considering the scale of the contamination in Ukraine, the threats that people there and not least returnees are exposed to, might have direct and very negative impact on their safety and wellbeing." 

The DRC sessions are available for free to all interested globally and throughout Poland where they are facilitated by local expert teams. The awareness raising efforts will also be provided at the State Border checkpoints, at Community Centres and Collective Centres hosting displaced from Ukraine, as well as at the railway and bus stations, all starting from August till the end of 2023.  

Using multiple communication approaches, including not least games and simulations, the sessions are specifically designed for each target group and will be tailored to address children, adolescents, and adults respectively.  

DRC’s risk awareness project in Poland is made possible through the financial support of private foundations, primarily in Denmark.   

Note: According to the United Nations, 25,671 civilian casualties were recorded caused by explosive weapons with wide area effects from 24 February 2022 to 16 July 2023, out of which 9,287 killed were and 16,384 injured. During the same period, OHCHR also recorded 930 civilian casualties caused by EO: 298 killed and 632 injured. Adult men comprise most of the EO casualties.

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