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DRC receive funding for new anticipatory action pilot

ECHO has provided DRC with a grant to pilot an anticipatory action mechanism in response to drought-induced displacement. The project will build on a slow-onset drought induced displacement model developed by IDMC with funding from DRC. The model can be used to simulate the impact of a drought on displacement several months in advance of a drought. Building on these analyses, DRC will develop a mechanism to support communities before the worst effects of the drought is felt.

Posted on 19 Mar 2022

The pilot will be implemented in Somalia in specific pastoralist communities. As part of the project anticipatory action committees will be established in the communities that will help define the support the community would need ahead of a drought. These committees will then be activated when certain triggers are met based on the drought displacement simulation model and community feedback and data. As part of the project relevant local authorities will also gain access to the simulation model and receive training on how to use it. 

In addition to Somalia, the project also entails building the model for the Sahel region and working with a regional network of pastoralist to use the outputs of the model. 

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