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From Struggle to Triumph: Achan Victoria's Journey

Posted on 19 Jun 2024

Achan Victoria a refugee from South Sudan, fled the conflict in her homeland and arrived at Uganda's Imvepi Refugee Settlement in Terego District. Accompanied by her five children and eleven extended family members, Achan faced daunting challenges in her new life. Despite these hardships, Achan's determination and resilience shone through.

Achan's daily life was marked by struggles to provide for her large family. She engaged in various activities such as making wheat bread, madagi, and roasting maize, while also collecting firewood for sale. The announcement of her participation in the DANIDA Graduation project in August brought a glimmer of hope and happiness, transforming her family's outlook.

With the support of the program, Achan embarked on establishing a retail shop, which yielded daily profits. Additionally, she received assistance for poultry farming, although she encountered initial challenges such as losses due to limited business skills. However, with guidance from DRC/CEFORD training, Achan navigated these difficulties, and her poultry business began to thrive.

Achan's life underwent a remarkable transformation as her microenterprise endeavors provided her family with regular meals, basic necessities, and even resources for stress management. Achan dreams of expanding her business further and seeks mentorship to overcome challenges and achieve her goals.


Achan's journey from the turmoil of South Sudan to the resilience of Imvepi Refugee Settlement exemplifies the triumph of the human spirit over adversity. Through her perseverance and with the support of consortium partners such as the Danish Refugee Council, Trickle Up and CEFORD, Achan not only overcame challenges but also became a beacon of hope for her family.

Achan's story serves as a testament to determination. Her successful retail shop and poultry business now provide stability and joy, thanks to the support of consortium partners. As Achan envisions a future of prosperity, her journey inspires others facing similar challenges.

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