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East Africa & Great Lakes

DRC East Africa & Great Lakes (EAGL) operates in Burundi, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Djibouti, Ethiopia, Kenya, Somalia, South Sudan, Sudan, Tanzania and Uganda in order to prevent displacement, support communities on the move and help people achieve durable solutions.

DRC East Africa & Great Lakes (EAGL) region provides urgent response at the onset of displacement and works with displacement-affected populations - both internally and across borders - to develop solutions to the challenges that they face.

DRC EAGL also works on addressing the root causes of displacement, working hand-in-hand with the community to build resilience and peace. 

The DRC EAGL Regional Office also supports initiatives focusing on mixed migration, durable solutions and borderlands, as well as advocacy and policy initiatives related to the displacement agenda at national, regional and global level.

Country operations in East Africa & Great Lakes

Democratic Republic of Congo
South Sudan
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20 Jun 2024

From Refugee to a Humanitarian Worker: The Inspirational Journey of Oler Joseph Abulemoi on World Refugee Day

19 Jun 2024

From Struggle to Triumph: Achan Victoria's Journey

19 Jun 2024

From Refugee to Digital Entrepreneur: Said Abdullahi Aden’s Journey to Success

18 Jun 2024

Resilience Amidst Crisis: Inside the Life of Diba and her family as one of Ethiopia's Displaced Families

13 Jun 2024

Press Release: Uganda Cash Consortium secures € 7.2 Million grant to expand cash assistance for Refugees in Uganda

22 May 2024

Strength in Adversity: Navigating Multiple Displacements in Sudan's Darfur Region

21 May 2024

Q&A on the flooding status of Dadaab Refugee Camp in Kenya

21 May 2024

Q&A on the flooding status of Kakuma Refugee Camp in Kenya

16 May 2024

Kindness amidst conflict: How DRC is supporting communities in South Kordofan, Sudan to meet the needs of their most vulnerable members

14 May 2024

Rebuilding Hope: A Father's Journey from Natural Shock

13 May 2024

94 NGOs in Sudan call for the safeguarding of telecommunications infrastructure and services

09 May 2024

Zainab’s story: A courageous mother providing food for her children

08 May 2024

DRC Ethiopia initiates discussions to enhance IDP’s access to civil documentation and legal identity

28 Apr 2024

Turning on the tap: Improving community protection in Kulba camp through safe access to water

25 Apr 2024

Escaping the Deluge: Abdi's Journey Through Flood and Resilience in Beletweyne

25 Apr 2024

Press Release: Gu Rains Commence in Somalia, Putting 770,000 People at Risk

16 Apr 2024

Bread making empowering women in Bentiu at DRC’s Women and Girls Friendly Spaces (WGFS)

15 Apr 2024

Press Release: A year of war in Sudan has created a deepening humanitarian crisis

08 Apr 2024

Driving Positive Change through Sustainable Initiatives

04 Apr 2024

Contending with an Insidious Threat: A Look Inside Mine Action Efforts in South Kordofan

04 Apr 2024

Sudan: The war after the war

04 Apr 2024

From Struggle to Strength: The inspiring story of Farhiya Mohamed

04 Apr 2024

Land Mines in Akobo County, South Sudan: A Looming Threat to Lives and Livelihoods

03 Apr 2024

Community health and sanitation improvements in Mandera County, Kenya

27 Mar 2024

A Single Mother's Search for Safety and Family Reunion

08 Mar 2024

DRC's Multi-purpose Cash Assistance Empowering Women and Girls in South Sudan by Providing Access to Productive Resources

08 Mar 2024

Empowering Community Women Leaders

04 Mar 2024

Breaking the Chains of Abuse in Bentiu

16 Feb 2024

135,000 people displaced and millions of people at risk as clashes intensify in North Kivu, DR Congo

07 Feb 2024

Sudan’s Intolerable War and Long Road to Recovery

19 Jan 2024

New Report from ASPIRE: Endeavours for Peace for young South Sudanese Refugees in Uganda

13 Dec 2023

NGOs urge global leaders to bridge the responsibility gap for refugee hosting and protection in East Africa

04 Dec 2023

Empowering change: A protection coordinator's journey in the fight against violence towards women and girls

03 Dec 2023

Over coming barriers by empowering persons living with disabilities

29 Nov 2023

Focus on Regions: Launch of the Mixed Migration Review 2023

27 Nov 2023

Monica Orach - DRC Protection Officer in South Sudan

21 Nov 2023

Nyaduol’s hope renewed through agriculture

07 Nov 2023

Partnership: Danish Refugee Council (DRC) enters partnership with Response Innovation Lab (RIL)

26 Oct 2023

Farmers embrace sustainable agriculture to improve food security in Tanzania

25 Oct 2023

Suzana's journey to improving climate resilience in her village in Tanzania

17 Oct 2023

“I hope that violence will be a thing of the past. So, does flooding”

16 Oct 2023

Daruka's Triumph: Conquering Challenges as a Blind Knitter in a Refugee Camp

09 Oct 2023

Empowering Marginalized Waste Pickers Through the Fair Recycling Project in Kenya

05 Oct 2023

Education under attack in West and Central Africa - 2023 update

02 Oct 2023

From Dumpsite to Dreams: A Remarkable Journey of a Plastic Waste Collector in Dandora Dumpsite, Nairobi

19 Sep 2023

IAWG Joint Statement: As the Sudan crisis deepens, INGOs warn of the cost of inaction, and call for immediate funding, access, and protection for civilians and aid workers

15 Sep 2023

Empowering Communities in Tanzania: Maendeleo Vijana's Journey of Transformation

12 Sep 2023

DRC attends the 11th Meeting of State Parties of the Convention on Cluster Munitions on 11th to 14th of September.

11 Sep 2023

Greece: Celebrating friendship in a music video by refugee children

08 Sep 2023

Cultivating Dreams and Empowering Communities Through Elimika Savings Group

01 Sep 2023

Anita's Inspiring Journey: Lighting the Path to Self-Reliance

01 Sep 2023

Project Launch: Enhancing Protection for Conflict-affected Communities in Sudan.

22 Aug 2023

Fair recycling: A plastic recycling ecosystem in Kenya

22 Aug 2023

The scoping forestry project

18 Aug 2023

DRC Defies the Dark and Lights Up the Renk Transit Center

16 Aug 2023

Beyond Borders: A Tale of Hope and shadows of compassion - The Journey of a Humanitarian Aid Worker

16 Aug 2023

Habtamu's impact as a humanitarian worker in Ethiopia

14 Aug 2023

Exploring Digital Diaspora Investment Opportunities in Dadaab

09 Aug 2023

Bridging the Divide by Pioneering Gender Equality among refugees in AjoungThok, South Sudan

01 Aug 2023

A single mother's struggle for survival amidst chaos

27 Jul 2023

Working with local organizations to develop a Theory of Change for long-term gender transformation and economic empowerment for women

26 Jul 2023

Farming in the Flood Waters – DRC’s Chinampa Gardens in Bentiu

01 Jul 2023

Rebuilding ecosystems and livelihoods in Rutana province

27 Jun 2023

From War to Milk Vending: Bernard's Journey of Resilience and Hope

27 Jun 2023

Surviving Against All Odds: Almaz's Triumph Over Adversity

22 Jun 2023

Press Release: Uganda Cash Consortium Receives €6 Million in Funding from European Union to Provide Cash Assistance to Refugees in Uganda

22 Jun 2023

Hope away from home: Rahwa's Pursuit of a Better Life

21 Jun 2023

Press Release: In 2022 DRC reached more than 19 million people with crucial assistance

07 Jun 2023

From Refugee to Digital Trailblazer: Vuma's Journey of Resilience and Empowerment

31 May 2023

DRC scales up its regional response as the conflict in Sudan shows no sign of abating

30 May 2023

Repeated Climate-shocks shatter the resilience of communities in Ethiopia

23 May 2023

Thousands of refugees are forced to return to South Sudan as the conflict in Sudan escalates

17 May 2023

Adella's journey of resilience, empowerment, and success in Kalobeyei refugee settlement

02 May 2023

Joint statement: Sudan INGO Forum calls on conflict parties to ensure protection of civilians

26 Apr 2023

As the conflict in Sudan continues, DRC is committed to stay and deliver

24 Apr 2023

Somalia: DRC provides integrated emergency support to families displaced by conflict in Laascaanood

24 Apr 2023

‘‘My eye vision is no longer blurry,’’- the story of Batula, an IDP in Mogadishu

22 Apr 2023

Press Release: Conflict in Sudan will exacerbate pre-existing humanitarian needs

20 Apr 2023

The escalation of conflict in Sudan magnifies pre-existing humanitarian needs

19 Apr 2023

Application of GIS System for Real-time Forest Cover Monitoring

05 Apr 2023

Stories from the field: Interview with Gender Based Violence Sub-Sector Coordinator deployed to Mogadishu

28 Mar 2023

Creating a safe space for communities affected by landmines in South Sudan

28 Mar 2023

Noura’s pursuit for excellence: A story of hope and resilience

23 Mar 2023

Fatal vehicle accident in Tanzania kills DRC employee

08 Mar 2023

Mary, a Gender-based Violence champion in Bentiu, Unity State

06 Mar 2023

Women at the forefront to protect their livelihoods in Somalia

28 Feb 2023

Anticipatory action triggered to respond to drought in Somalia

28 Feb 2023

DRC scales up its response in Drodro as civilians continue to bear the brunt of the escalation of violence

24 Feb 2023

Joint humanitarian NGO statement: Humanitarian situation in Malakal still not ripe to decommission POC

09 Feb 2023

Improving the protection of women and girls one performance at a time

01 Feb 2023

Digital jobs in Kenya with Amazon Web Services​

31 Jan 2023

Dream big, go hard and never give up! Abdirahman’s pursuit to success intensifies

09 Jan 2023

Hope amidst conflict for Ethiopian Refugees in Um Rakuba Camp, Sudan

28 Dec 2022

The role of the community in preventing and responding to Gender Based Violence

15 Dec 2022

Cash transfers are rebuilding lives and creating resilient communities in Uganda

29 Nov 2022

Amid drought and conflict; Thousands flee Somalia

25 Nov 2022

Local Anchor Groups: A localized approach to address gender-based violence

16 Nov 2022

DRC's Ethiopia Migration Programme Establishes a Youth Recreation Center for Refugees in Addis Ababa

15 Nov 2022

Empowering refugee youth through peer mentorship

03 Nov 2022

BRCK innovative learning pilot​

13 Oct 2022

Energy and Environment Programme in Tanzania: Boosting Resilience of People and the Forest

13 Sep 2022

Plastic pays

06 Sep 2022

Joint Statement: NGOs Call for Urgent Funding Surge as Somalia is Expected to Face Famine

06 Sep 2022

Famine expected to hit already fragile areas of Somalia

29 Aug 2022

Horn of Africa: DRC Drought Response Appeal

10 Aug 2022

M-shule: Programme innovation pilot

04 Aug 2022

DRC supports drought stricken families in Ethiopia through cash support

01 Aug 2022

Restoring the dignity of drought-affected families in Somalia

25 Jul 2022

Press release: Uganda Cash Consortium Receives €6m in Funding from the EU to Provide Cash Assistance to Refugees

18 Jul 2022

Urgent response needed in Drought-hit Somalia

05 Jul 2022

DRC Burundi: Partnering with Nature and People to Find the Solutions + Learning Brief

14 Jun 2022

Press release: International NGOs working in the Democratic Republic of the Congo condemn repeated deadly attacks on displaced civilians

31 May 2022

DRC Somalia scales up aid to thousands displaced by drought

28 Apr 2022

Press release: Will global donors rise to the occasion and prevent starvation and death for millions in Somalia, Ethiopia and Kenya?

11 Apr 2022

The Long Walk to Mogadishu: Thousands of Drought-Affected IDPs Flee to The City

19 Mar 2022

DRC receive funding for new anticipatory action pilot

17 Mar 2022

Video: Spring Recharge

08 Mar 2022

Thousands pushed into displacement as Horn of Africa suffers worst drought in 40 years

12 Jan 2022

Suspension of essential services will worsen the already severe humanitarian crisis in DR Congo

25 Nov 2021

Thousands of people in DR Congo are in desperate need of humanitarian assistance amid a new surge of violence

18 Nov 2021

DR Congo: Only political and financial solutions can put an end the conflict

04 Feb 2021

Press release: Refugees from Tigray are in need of assistance after arriving to Sudan

23 Dec 2020

Press release: Statement on Ethiopia

24 Nov 2020

Former DRC Country Director becomes permaculture farmer – David Kang’ethe

20 Oct 2020

Localizing regenerative solutions in Tanzania

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