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One month since devastating earthquakes, thousands of families still need shelter, water, and food 

Charlotte Slente, Secretary General of the Danish Refugee Council, visited Türkiye last week to get a first-hand impression of the situation and humanitarian needs and see our response. 


Posted on 06 Mar 2023

One month since twin earthquakes that shook communities across southern Türkiye and northern Syria, thousands of families are still living in dire conditions and require immediate access to basic needs and services.  

Many families affected on both sides of the border were already displaced by the more than decade-long crisis in Syria, and with the economic downturn in the region thousands more lack the resources to move away from destroyed towns and cities.  

This has led to a situation where thousands of families still, four weeks after the horrific earthquakes, remain without proper shelter and continue to require aid assistance such as food, tents, blankets and sanitary supplies just to meet their basic needs. 

“The destruction across these communities is beyond comprehension and millions of people have been affected, and for many this comes on top of having lost so much during the crisis in Syria. For thousands of people in the region that means still sleeping in cars, gardens, accommodation centers or camps in cramped conditions, often with a lack of access to water and basic hygiene facilities even now, one month on. In addition, both adults and children are clearly very affected by having gone through an unimaginable, traumatizing experience “, Charlotte Slente, Secretary General of the Danish Refugee Council (DRC), said after visiting the city of Antakya last week. 

Needs are significant on both sides 

“Families were already struggling to make ends meet before the earthquake, therefore new additional funding is vital. And with work opportunities lost, people rely on the support of their governments and the international community to ensure affected populations get the necessary support to survive. Many have also lost important documentation making access to support even more challenging”.  

DRC has also been responding in Aleppo, Syria - in both countries with emergency assistance and psychosocial support, and with providing people with access to voucher assistance in Türkiye. Our response seeks to support host communities, refugees, and internally displaced families that have been affected, but the needs are significant.  

One month since devastating earthquakes

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