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From Struggle to Strength: The inspiring story of Farhiya Mohamed

Farhiya Mohamed is a mother of nine children from Mandera County. Her inspiring story showcases resilience and community support. She was supported with lifesaving cash assistance by DRC and WFPD with funding from GFFO, giving her hope for a brighter future for her nine children.

Tawakal Aden

Posted on 04 Apr 2024

Forced out of her marital home by her ailing husband's family, Farhiya's journey shows determination in the face of hardship and demonstrates the transforming power of community support and empowerment.  After being divorced, she sought refuge under the shelter of a tent for 9 days and became the sole breadwinner of her family. , Despite the immense challenges she faced, Farhiya's resilience and determination pushed her to take a bold step.  With the help of caring friends and neighbors, she was able to secure a temporary shelter on her plot of land in Shafshafey area within Mandera Town.

Farhiya was able to receive financial assistance of 15,750 KES from the German Federal Foreign Office (GFFO), through the Danish Refugee Council (DRC) and Women for Peace and Development (WFPD). The financial assistance empowers her financially, allowing her to make financial decisions in her household, purchase food, and ensure nutrition and well-being for her children.

Despite being rejected and abandoned by her in-laws, Farhiya is extremely grateful for the financial support she received and the positive impact it had on her life.

Farhiya's inspiring story demonstrates the power of compassion, togetherness, and empowerment in overcoming socioeconomic hardship.  Her strong mindset inspires everyone she meets, reminding them that resilience and community support can help overcome any challenge.

I am very grateful for the money I got, it has made a great difference in my life and that of my children as the cost of living was high and I was feeling overwhelmed. I am now stronger and determined to provide a brighter future for my family

/  Farhiya Mohamed

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