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The DRC Danish Refugee Council (DRC) was founded in 1956 and has since provided support to asylum seekers and refugees in Denmark. Today, the DRC is the largest NGO in Denmark providing counselling, support and services for asylum applicants, refugees, and migrants in relation to protection and integration. Across the country, the DRC collaborates closely with other civil society actors, public authorities, and diaspora communities.

Current situation

In Denmark, the DRC Danish Refugee Council (DRC) works country-wide with both asylum seekers and refugees. We offer legal aid, counselling, support and integration services to asylum seekers, refugees, and migrants. DRC activities centre on providing legal aid and ensuring protection, psycho-social support, and livelihoods. We also provide competence building for other actors working with the same target group. 

Following the high numbers of refugees and migrants coming to Denmark in 2015-2016, the yearly number of asylum seekers has substantially decreased. However, since February 2022, more than 35,000 refugees from Ukraine have come to Denmark.  

Since 1989, Denmark has yearly had a yearly quota for the reception of refugees via the UNHCR resettlement scheme. In the period 2016-2019, resettlement was put on hold. Albeit resettlement to Denmark having resumed, the quota is much lower compared to previous years. 

Core sectors Denmark

Economic Recovery
Humanitarian Disarmament and Peacebuilding
Shelter and Settlements
Camp Coordination and Camp Management

Displacement trends

Source: | UNHCR

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Why we are there

The DRC Danish Refugee Council (DRC) works to ensure a dignified life for asylum seekers and refugees in Denmark. Through legal aid activities, the DRC has an active role in the Danish asylum procedure to ensure the rights of asylum seekers and refugees.

The DRC also contributes to successful reception of newly arrived refugees and integration of the many refugees and persons with minority-ethnic backgrounds who have been in Denmark for a long time 

Based on the experience working with asylum seekers and refugees, the DRC advocates for the rights and conditions of refugees related to their arrival and integration in Denmark. 

What we do

The DRC Danish Refugee Council (DRC) consists of two divisions in Denmark, DRC Asylum and DRC Integration, which work across the country to support the rights of asylum seekers and refugees. 

DRC Asylum

In Denmark, DRC Asylum offers legal aid to asylum seekers and refugees.  

We provide counselling throughout the asylum procedure as well as on the possibilities for rejected asylum seekers in relation to the legal aspects of their asylum cases, the return process and the possibility for reintegration support. We also provide counselling on repatriation for refugees and migrants with residence in Denmark. 

Through the counselling activities, DRC gains knowledge that is used to advocate for improved enforcement of the rights of asylum seekers and refugees. 

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DRC Integration

In Denmark, DRC Integration offers integrations services, counselling, analyses, training, conferences and courses for professionals and volunteers working with refugees and migrants.  

The DRC is the leading NGO in Denmark working with integration of refugees and migrants. With 80 employees and 6,500 volunteers, DRC Integration is responsible for professional networks servicing municipalities, regions, ministries, institutions, private companies, and the voluntary sector. 

A dignified life for all is the overall vision for our integration activities. Hence, we support and enable refugees and migrants to be part of a community and to enjoy equal rights and opportunities. We see language proficiency, employment, participation in civil society, and an inclusive society as pivotal for the quality of life, empowerment and future possibilities of refugees and migrants. 

DRC Integration consists of the following sections: 

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