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Greece has been a crossroad for migrants, refugees and asylum seekers fleeing war, violence, persecution and economic and environmental disaster for decades. DRC is present in Greece since 2015, when more than one million people fleeing conflict, poverty and despair in the Middle East, South and Central Asia passed through the country, triggering the provision of emergency humanitarian support for the first time inside the European Union.

31 Jan 2024

New report: “They started beating us, used a stun gun and pepper spray on us and then threw us into the forest. We couldn't walk for three days because of the pain, and we had vision problems.”

02 Oct 2023

Beaten by police, bitten by dogs, and robbed of all rights: New Report Reveals Alarming Pushbacks and Violations at Europe's borders

11 Sep 2023

Greece: Celebrating friendship in a music video by refugee children

29 Aug 2023

Greece: Access to quality education for refugee children 

16 Jun 2023

Joint NGO Statement: The EU must not be complicit in the loss of lives at sea and in rights violations at Europe’s borders

16 Jun 2023

Greece: Need for spaces that are child-friendly and safe

Displacement trends

Source: | UNHCR

Core sectors Greece

Economic Recovery
Humanitarian Disarmament and Peacebuilding
Shelter and Settlements
Camp Coordination and Camp Management

Displacement Trends


EDPs: Refugees under UNHCR’s mandate
IDPs: Internally displaced persons
Asylum seekers: People whose claims for refugee status have not yet been determined
Stateless: People not considered as nationals by any State
HST: People living in Host Communities
OIP: Others in need of International Protection
OOC: Others of Concern

Source: UNHCR

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DRC forecasts are based on a machine learning tool that has been developed to predict forced displacement (IDPs, refugees and asylum seekers) at the national level 1-3 years into the future.

See all available forecasts here

DocumentsAll Documents

Advocacy Toolkit Rooting 4 Rights

01 May 2024

PRAB reports

31 Jan 2024

Recording Mechanism of Informal Forced Returns Annual Report 2022

25 Jan 2024

Joint NGO Statement: The EU must not be complicit in the loss of lives at sea and in rights violations at Europe’s border

16 Jun 2023

DRC Greece Help Line services come to an end.

31 May 2023

PRAB policy notes

30 May 2023

Why we are there

DRC has experience as one of the key humanitarian actors for people affected by displacement operating in Greece. Support is still needed to ensure that reception and accommodation facilities are dignified, well staffed, culturally appropriate, and respectful of humanitarian standards.

DRC Greece furthermore is positioned to provide relevant and timely information, protection assistance, legal aid, and integration opportunities to displaced people. 

What we do

DRC Greece works in multiple temporary accommodation facilities, providing a range of support services focus on access to education, school readiness, as well as skills development.

In parallel, DRC continues to advocate for access to asylum, basic rights, and integration opportunities in Greece, and for a people-centered and protection-focused response in the EU as part of an ongoing search for integrated, sustainable solutions.

Working in collaboration with

 Recording Mechanism of Informal Forced Returns
Recording Mechanism of Informal Forced Returns

Our work is funded by

The European Union




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