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Diaspora Programme

Somali Diaspora

For decades, Somalia has been among the most conflict prone countries in the world. Its people continue to face multiple challenges, including political insecurity, conflict, natural disasters such as drought, flooding, and cyclones. Somalis are considered among the most dispersed migrant groups worldwide, with more than 10% - or 2 million - of its population living outside Somalia. Somali diaspora communities play a crucial role in providing aid, relief measures and sharing information on migration for women and men left behind. Remittances are estimated to be between USD $1.3 – 2bn per year, with some 40 % of households in the country estimated to receive these transfers for sustaining their basic needs.

Our Work with the Somali Diaspora 

Our work with the Somali diaspora is guided by considering the local circumstances they are operating in, as well as the nature and dynamics of their engagement. Why is this important?  
The Somali diaspora is diverse. Their engagement towards Somalia is based on different motivations, positions, and clan-affiliations. Most significantly, it is personal. Therefore, our programming with diasporas does not follow a one-size fits all approach. It is based on social, cultural, and local contexts.  
We aim to support and strengthen Somali diasporas capacities in two areas: Humanitarian response, economic recovery, and durable solutions. More than 160 Somali diaspora networks have received either financial or technical support through our different projects over the past two decades. We currently focus on supporting Somali networks during the drought, facilitating a safe space for networking, capacity building for fundraising or project development and conducting research about Somali diaspora humanitarianism.  

Saacid's Story from the Diaspora Business Entrepreneurs Video Series

See how DRC engages with diaspora in the Somali Regional State of Ethiopia to work with regional governance, support local investors, and help make remittances more productive. Click the button below to see more of these videos!

Nasra's Story from the Diaspora Business Entrepreneurs Video Series

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Diaspora Support to Self-reliance and Resilience

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