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Diaspora Programme

DiPS- Diaspora Project Support

Diaspora Project Support (DiPS) is a Danida-funded project under DRC’s Diaspora Programme providing financial and technical support to diaspora-led projects implemented in Somalia and Afghanistan as well as capacity development for diaspora. DiPS Fund and capacity development activities are open to diaspora based in Denmark.

About DiPS

DiPS is a Danida-funded project that aims to enhance diaspora organizations' capacity to support people in Somalia and Afghanistan that are affected by conflict and displacement. This is done through;

1)The DiPS fund which provides financial and technical support to impactful diaspora-led projects implemented by Danish-based diaspora organizations in Somalia and Afghanistan and neighbouring countries

2)Capacity development activities including one-on-one support, workshops, trainings and events to support diaspora organisations in reaching their ambitions

DiPS has a Governance structure consisting of the elected Somali and Afghan Advisory Boards and appointed Executive Committee. 

The DiPS project is one of several initiatives under Danish Refugee Council's Diaspora Programme which works to support the constructive role of diaspora as transnational civil society actors. 

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DiPS Annual Report 2023 will be published in early 2024, in the meantime you can Read the DiPS Annual Report 2022.

Diaspora Project Support (DiPS) Team

Diaspora Project Support


Phone number

+45 33 73 50 50

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