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Civil Society Engagement

Diaspora Programme

Since 2010, DRC's Diaspora Programme has engaged and supported diaspora as civil society actors who have the agency, space and capacity to enable fulfillment of rights of people affected by conflict and displacement.

Who are the Diaspora?

Diaspora can be defined as migrants and refugees - and their descendants - who maintain ties with their former or ancestral homeland - and with compatriots living elsewhere

DRC recognises diaspora as crucial transnational civil society actors. We recognise the substantial impact they have in countries of origin, migration transit, and countries of destination and, consequently, their potential for improving the situation for many of those affected by displacement.

Who are we? 

We, the Diaspora Programme, facilitate, support, and enhance the role of diasporas as effective agents of humanitarian assistance, recovery and development.  

The Diaspora Programme operates through different projects that touch on several thematic areas and operate across multiple geographies. Find more about these projects, our publications and workshops below! 

Questions, comments or interested in collaborating with us?  

Then get in touch! Email us at [email protected] and follow us on Facebook.

Diaspora Programme Strategy
Countries of Focus

Where We Work

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Civil society engagement: All documents

Civil society engagement: All documents


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