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Although Tunisia is often presented as an Arab Spring success story in terms of democratic change, many of the political, social and economic grievances that existed before the ‘Jasmine Revolution’ of 2011 persist.

Current situation

Tunisia is both a transit and destination country for migrants and refugees. It is currently struggling with the impact of a political and economic crisis which considerably affects the daily lives of Tunisians, for whom migration is often seen as the only viable alternative to falling into severe poverty.

Core sectors Tunisia

Economic Recovery
Humanitarian Disarmament and Peacebuilding
Shelter and Settlements
Camp Coordination and Camp Management

Displacement trends

Source: | UNHCR

22 Aug 2023

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29 Sep 2022

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31 Aug 2022

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30 Sep 2022

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29 Sep 2022

Why we are there

Protection issues among migrants include access to shelter, legal documentation, livelihood opportunities, education and exclusion from their surrounding environment. Abusive smuggling practices and trafficking are key concerns, especially in the Libyan/Tunisian borderlands. Without adequate protection, migrants, refugees, and asylum-seekers in Tunisia are extremely vulnerable to exploitation, abuse and negative coping mechanisms.

What we do

DRC has been working in Tunisia since 2011 as part of a coordinated Libya-Tunisia program responding to regional instability following the Arab Spring revolutions. DRC has been one of the main implementing agencies providing services in Shousha refugee camp, as well as to refugees living in urban centres in southern Tunisia.

Since 2014, DRC has been implementing a series of armed violence reduction projects aimed at enhancing community security and resilience in key border towns in Tunisia.

Since 2021, DRC has diversified its programming to focus on Economic Recovery support for Tunisian Youth including through a multi-year, Danish MFA funded, Danish Arab Partnership Program. As well as young Tunisians, DRC aims to support migrants and returnees in the country in 2023.


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