Voices from Afghanistan, Myanmar and Bangladesh - MMC Asia Comics - series 1

Meet eight men and women from Afghanistan, Myanmar and Bangladesh and learn about their journeys as refugees and migrants in Asia as they tell their own stories of dreams, hope and tough ordeals along the way!

Moataz Aboamer
01. Shukrullah Nov 2021
16.4 MB
02. Maryam Nov 2021
12.3 MB
03. Tuhin Khan Nov 2021
6.7 MB
04. Hasina Nov 2021
6.5 MB
05. Ariful Hauq Nov 2021
6.3 MB
06. Rana Nov 2021
6.7 MB
07. Kasim Nov 2021
7.2 MB
08. Gulbahar Nov 2021
5.1 MB

About the comics

All eight comics are based on unedited transcriptions of interviews conducted by MMC Asia in Iran and Malaysia for 4Mi snapshots.

What these eight refugees and migrants have in common is that they have all left their home countries and undertaken dangerous journeys to escape war, persecution and poverty - and in search of protection and better lives. Their names are changed, but their stories are real. All interviews are unedited and conducted in 2020 via phone by the Mixed Migration Centre in Asia.

The concept is shaped around the idea of reaching out to new audiences, make use of existing resources (MMC Asia interviews for analyses) and to use these in a new way to highlight and promote the voices of refugees and migrants in Asia.

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