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Overview of DRC's West Africa Multi-Country Operations

DRC West Africa Multi-Country Operations and Grants Unit was set up in February 2021 and oversees the implementation of multi-country projects (also known as regional projects). Since 2012, the 3-border zone (Burkina Faso, Mali and Niger) or Liptako-Gourma region has been facing a complex crisis that aggravates the vulnerability of its already disabled populations due to the low level of development. Local conflicts, violent extremism and organized crime are increasing the insecurity in the region, while the victims are overwhelmingly the local population. This local population, already under pressure due to climatic conditions, the scarcity of productive resources and the deficiency of the state in rural areas, is forced to leave their homes to flee the violence. Thus, the number of internally displaced people continues to grow and more than 2.5 million IDPs were registered at the beginning of 2023 and this figure continues to grow.

Overview of DRC's West Africa Multi-Country Operations May 2023
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