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Youth empowerment

Youth employment in Tunisia - The ACREM-MEDMED 1 Project

The ACREM-MEDMED 1 Project contributes to local efforts aimed at solving problems related to the widespread unemployment among young people in Tunisia. The project seeks to create job opportunities and allow for the development of favorable spaces for youth to thrive.

Supporting youth in the Medenine region

Supporting youth in the Medenine region

Years since the 2011 revolution, Tunisian youth still face severe socio-economic issues - especially in the Medenine Governorate, which is considered to have the third-highest numbers of refugees and migrants. This protect seeks to support youth in improving their access to the job market and ensure income stability and permanent jobs. The idea that jobs create stability is nothing new - however it is considered one of the best practices in solving problems in areas with economic fragility. 

Championing young entrepreneurs

Championing young entrepreneurs

The project consisted of a number of smaller acitivities in the Medenine Governorate, which will provide direct job opportunities for youth in the long run:

Activity 1 included a Build Your Business (BYB) training for a group of local youth (17) with preexisting business ideas who otherwise lacked the financial resources to launch their projects.

Activity 2 included pairing a group of local youth (15, all women candidates) with companies according to their preferences, experience, and area of expertise all in the form of an internship, in the hope that these internships result in permanent employment.   

In general female participation dominated the activity, with 28 out of 32 beneficiaries of the project being women.  

Read the project brochure to learn more

Acrem Brochure
Acrem Brochure

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Creating companies in Tunisia

Creating companies in Tunisia

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