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Climate & environment action


DRC is increasing its integration of climate change adaptation into our programmatic response across sectors, and through adaptation-focused initiatives, such as resilience programming, disaster risk reduction and anticipatory action.

Parties to the UNFCCC and the Paris Agreement recognize that adaptation is a global concern faced by all, with local, national, regional and international dimensions.

The adaptive and mitigating capacity of communities to cope with the negative effects of climate change is essential to include in programmatic responses, and a key component of the long-term response aimed at protecting people, livelihoods and ecosystems; thus, this objective will be reached through a community-driven approach.

DRC acknowledges that adaptation and mitigation initiatives should follow a context-driven, local, gender/age/diversity-responsive, participatory and fully transparent approach based on needs and risk assessments, considering vulnerable and marginalized groups, communities and ecosystems.

To fulfill our role and remain relevant to the people we serve, DRC’s field operations are adapting programmatic responses to these realities. Within the scope of DRC’s mandate and response framework, DRC’s core competencies lie within five core sectors.

It is within the scope of these sectors, as well as multi sector programming, that climate adaptation work is materialized:

Camp Coordination & Camp Management
Shelter & Settlements
Humanitarian Disarmament & Peacebuilding
Economic Recovery
Building back natural resilience
DRC Tanzania and Burundi

Building back natural resilience

Quote by Stephan Deutekom, DRC Country Director Tanzania and Burundi:

“In Burundi, DRC works on establishing Permagardens at the household level, supporting Burundians returning from surrounding countries in improving their food security. Using a cash for work methodology, community members work together to initially slow down the flow of rain water, and to restore land through biodiversity regeneration as well as earthworks and stoneworks. DRC provides technical guidance on how to passively harvest water and nutrients that will build back the natural resilience of the land using locally available resources like basic tools, rocks and bamboo.”

Read more about DRC in Tanzania and Burundi.

NURI - Northern Uganda Resilience Initiative

NURI - Northern Uganda Resilience Initiative

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