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DRC Standby Roster

The DRC Resettlement Roster

The UNHCR-DRC Resettlement Deployment Scheme mobilizes qualified and committed resettlement experts according to requests received from UNHCR. Resettlement roster members are deployed in a timely and effective manner, thereby strengthening the capacity of UNHCR to meet the global needs for resettlement.

About the DRC Resettlement Roster

Resettlement is defined by UNHCR as the selection and transfer of refugees from a state in which they have sought protection to a third state which has agreed to admit them — as refugees — and ultimately grant them permanent residence. Hence, resettlement is one of three solutions considered as durable, the two others being return and local integration. As return in many situations is not a realistic solution, and in order to share the burden with some of the biggest refugee hosting countries, resettlement has in many ways become the only durable solution for many refugees. The DRC Standby Roster is working to support UNHCR in these efforts.

In December 2015, DRC signed the first agreement with UNHCR to become one of three partners involved in the implementation of the Resettlement Deployment Scheme. With a strong protection mandate and almost 30 years of experience in establishing and administrating rosters, this engagement is at the core of DRC’s work.

Our experts are deployed to UNHCR operations globally, at short notice, with the purpose to strengthen UNHCR’s capacity to provide durable solutions to the displacement of some of the world’s most vulnerable refugees.

Common to all members of the DRC Standby Roster is that they are committed, professional and high-performing humanitarian workers ready to deploy to UN operations worldwide. The DRC Resettlement Roster represents a variety of profiles within the following technical areas:

You can see examples of Terms of Reference here below.

Resettlement Roster ToRs

Terms of Reference Resettlement Roster
Terms of Reference Resettlement Roster

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DRC Standby Roster: Apply for membership

DRC Standby Roster: Apply for membership

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Requesting a DRC Resettlement Standby Roster Expert

During a humanitarian response, UN country operations need to quickly augment their human resources on the ground. Requesting experts through their standby partners is one mechanism that complements their own internal surge capacities.

Procedures for requesting deployments from the Resettlement Roster are based on the conditions made in the individual grant agreements, hence all needs and requests should be made through the respective focal points in the UNHCR Resettlement Deployment Scheme in Geneva.

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