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Global Diaspora Learning Session

Are you part of a diaspora network that supports healthcare services during crises? Are you interested in connecting with like-minded groups, sharing challenges, and learning from successful initiatives?

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DEMAC - Diaspora Emergency Action & Coordination invites diaspora organizations to our upcoming Global Diaspora Learning Session "Diaspora Health Responses in Emergencies & Humanitarian Settings" on 6 July 3 - 4.30 PM CEST.

Sharing & Learning

Join us and discuss with diaspora speakers from Syria, Sudan and Ukraine on how to improve access to health and medical assistance in times of crisis. After introductory speeches, we will split in small groups to share insights, exchange experiences and identify strategies to enhance emergency response efforts.

Why focusing on health?

Health needs are fundamental and critical for populations worldwide. Unfortunately, they are often the first and most severely impacted during emergencies: Warring parties in conflict situations in Sudan and Ukraine deliberately target health services.

Earthquakes in Northwest Syria have destroyed healthcare infrastructure; and in Somalia, drought and food insecurity have led to increased healthcare needs with limited funding and access to rural populations. These are just a few examples of how healthcare access is affected during both sudden and protracted emergencies.

Diasporas’ vital role in emergency medical aid

Diaspora organizations are often the first to support healthcare services and facilities in emergencies: They play a vital role in ensuring access to primary healthcare services and emergency medical care for affected populations, especially in hard-to-reach areas.

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26 Jun 2023
DRC HEAT Denmark
22 Aug 2023