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Yearning for a Home that No Longer Exists: The Dilemma Facing People Forced to Flee in Yemen

A decrease in violence has opened opportunities for diplomacy and the search for durable solutions for Yemen's displaced population.

Rufaida Al-Faqeeh/NRC
Durable Solution Report Nov 2023
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Despite the lapse of the UN-brokered truce in October 2022, the conflict has entered a phase of reduced fighting, resulting in fewer casualties and displacements. International support for political negotiations towards peace is growing. However, significant challenges remain in finding long-term alternatives for the millions of internally displaced people (IDPs) in Yemen. The report emphasizes the need to prioritize the experiences and realities of the displaced population and calls for a systematic framework to track returns and comprehensive policies to support IDPs. This research aims to contribute evidence and recommendations to the ongoing discussions on achieving durable solutions and improving the lives of displaced people in Yemen.

Mohammed's story:

Mohammed was a manager in a school in the subdistrict [before displacement]. I left my home on 17 March 2020 because of the conflict. I tried to go home to get the rest of the house’s furniture. It was my choice [to return] because of what we suffer here [in the location of displacement] in terms of hunger, thirst, disease and the lack of anything to live with dignity. I have tried to return four times. I thought the situation [back home] was not that bad but I wasn’t able to go back. I reached my house but the gunmen threatened me and told me not to try again. My house was destroyed and looted. I felt it was unsafe. I travelled on foot for six hours and got a cut on my foot. As a diabetic, I suffered so much from this wound. All my attempts to return were unsuccessful as the gunmen ask for permits to enter and they shot at me. The area has mines and the house is destroyed. The furniture was stolen. The livestock died. The land was deserted. I plan to stay [in the location of displacement] until the conflict in the area ends because assistance is reaching this camp. No-one has ever asked me about [my attempted return] before.



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