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Ukraine: Voices of Ukrainian mothers who left home due to the war

The Danish Refugee Council conducted psychosocial support training for over 100 single mothers in western Ukraine. The sessions focused on emotional awareness, stress management, positive parenting practices, conflict resolution techniques, and prevention of sexual exploitation and gender-based violence. As a final exercise, the participants shared their stories, which were collected in a booklet.

Voices of Ukrainian mothers who left home due to the war Feb 2024
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Голос українських матерів, які покинули дім через війну Feb 2024
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More than just a psychosocial support

After the final session of psychosocial support for the mothers, other DRC programmes were presented to the women, including, for example:

This integrated approach allowed DRC to provide them with more comprehensive assistance. Also, after the psychological support sessions, closed chats on social media were created to ensure continuous communication between the mothers. This helped the participants to continue communication and become a "circle of support" for each other.

The organisation and implementation of the psychological support sessions were made possible by funding from the Ole Kirk’s Fond.

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