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Board of Directors: Minutes 2023

DRC is headed by a Board of Directors consisting of one Chairman and seven members. The Board of Directors was previously called the Executive Committee. Find minutes from their meetings in 2023 here.

Executive Committee: Minutes 31.05.2023 May 2023
132 KB
Executive Committee: Referat 31.05.2023 (Dansk) May 2023
165 KB
Executive Committee: Minutes 09.05.2023 May 2023
259 KB
Executive Committee: Referat 09.05.2023 (Dansk) May 2023
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Executive Committee: Minutes 08.02.2023 Feb 2023
208 KB
Executive Committee: Referat 08.02.2023 (Dansk) Feb 2023
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Members of The Board of Directors (previously The Executive Committee):

Neither the chairperson nor the members are remunerated.

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