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Safeguarding & Code of Conduct: Policies

As an organization committed to protecting the most vulnerable, safeguarding their rights, and empowering them towards a better future, DRC recognizes its duty and responsibility to safeguard all the individuals within its sphere of influence.

Revised Safeguarding Policy - English Jul 2020
800 KB
Politica De Salvaguarda De - Spanish Mar 2021
250 KB
Politique De Sauvegarde Juillet - French Jul 2020
1.0 MB
DRC’s Protection from Sexual Exploitation, Abuse and Sexual Harassment Policy - English Sep 2023
1.4 MB
سياسة المجلس الدنماركي للاجئين بشأن الحماية من الاستغلال والاعتداء الجنسي والتحرش الجنسي - Arabic Sep 2023
1.6 MB
Politique de Protection contre l’Exploitation, les Abus et le Harcèlement Sexuels du DRC - French Sep 2023
1.4 MB
Política de DRC de Protección contra la Explotación, el Abuso y el Acoso Sexuales - Spanish Sep 2023
1.3 MB
Revised Child Safeguarding Policy - English Jul 2020
891 KB
Politica De Salvaguarda De Niños Y Niñas De Mar 2021
245 KB
Politique De Sauvegarde De Lenfant Juillet - French Jul 2020
1.1 MB

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