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DRC representation in Geneva

The Danish Refugee Council (DRC) has opened a Representation in Geneva in 2013.

Geneva, the so-called “humanitarian capital of the world”, is a place where critical policies for humanitarian aid and forced displacement are formulated. With its far-reaching presence in conflict zones, its mandate and experience, there is a need and an opportunity for DRC to be an active partner in these discussions, by linking global policies with local realities and vice versa.

Current work focus for the Geneva representation

Besides general representation, the Geneva Representation currently works on four programmatic engagements.

First, DRC has a close and long-term strategic partnership with UNHCR. United by a closely related mandate, both organizations maintain close dialogue on programmatic and operational responses as well as on partnership policies.

Second, DRC actively engages in humanitarian disarmament and peacebuilding through active support to coordination mechanisms and regular follow up on international treaties and related updating of DRC policies.

Third, DRC expands its work in the field of global humanitarian coordination by ensuring agile and meaningful mechanisms are in place locally and global policies support these structures.

Finally, DRC has is a signatory to the Grand Bargain and supports the efforts among NGOs, UN Agencies, and donors to have an effective humanitarian aid delivered through quality funding and genuine partnership with local actors.   

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