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PIBE in MERO region

Programme innovation in Iraq

In Iraq, more than 2.5 million people need humanitarian assistance and 1.2 million Iraqis remain internally displaced. The programme innovation unit is supporting communities’ broader recovery efforts while maintaining capacity to address new areas, including needs related to climate change.

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30 Aug 2023

Agri-Tech Solutions for Better Climate Resilience in Displacement Affected Areas in Iraq

24 Aug 2023

Digital Employment and Entrepreneurship Access for Young Iraqi and Syrian refugees

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About the Programme Innovation and Business Engagement unit

What is programme innovation and climate action?

Programme innovation and climate action work in DRC accelerate new ways of working, better impact and more sustainable paths for the people we work for, and aim to make a strategic contribution to the humanitarian eco-system that DRC is part of. Working with wicked problems, new trends, new approaches and partners - DRC programme innovation and business engagement unit support field-led explorations for new areas of work, piloting, transition and scale of new solutions using technological advances, new insights and new partnerships.

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