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Field-led programme innovation (NOT IN USE ANYMORE)

Programme Innovation and Business Engagement in the Middle East

DRC in the Middle East works with displacement affected communities across Iraq, Jordan, Yemen, Lebanon, Türkiye and Syria. Through investing in innovation in the region, DRC seeks to maximise the impact and support sustainable solutions to self reliance.

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05 Feb 2024

Life Amidst Landmines: Ahmed's Journey of Survival and Hope

15 Sep 2023

DRC Danish Refugee Council responds to the devastating storm and subsequent flooding in Northeast Libya

12 Sep 2023

Reaction to the deadly storm in Eastern Libya

30 Aug 2023

Agri-Tech Solutions for Better Climate Resilience in Displacement Affected Areas in Iraq

24 Aug 2023

Microinsurance Initiative for Informal Workers in the Middle East

24 Aug 2023

Digital Employment and Entrepreneurship Access for Young Iraqi and Syrian refugees

22 Aug 2023

​ DREAM: Digital Race for Employment and Mobility ​ in Tunisia

22 Aug 2023

CHASE - Capable, Hopeful, Accepted, Safe and Engaged Youth in Lebanon

20 Jun 2023

Press release: Closing Event Marks Successful Completion of "Resilient Youth, Socially and Economically Empowered" (RYSE) Project in Jordan

01 Jun 2023

Yemen - Piloting Biogas as a Source of Clean Energy and Fertilizer in Partnership with Yemini Social Enterprise

01 May 2023

Digital livelihoods in the Azraq refugee camp

31 Aug 2022

Youth Employment in Tunisia - The ACREM project

20 Mar 2022

Iraqi Water Week (14-22 March): Iraq’s water situation continues to deteriorate, with devastating impacts on lives and livelihoods for thousands of Iraqis

20 Oct 2020

Yemeni communities becoming resilient one seed at a time

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Innovative Finance in Jordan

The Refugee Investment Facility

The Refugee Investment Facility (RIF) is an innovative partnership between DRC and iGravity, a Swiss impact investment firm, bridging the gap between impact investing and humanitarian assistance. Backed by donors and impact investors, the RIF provides investment and technical assistance to local companies which are addressing the challenges of unemployment, lack of economic opportunity and limited access to goods and services, faced by refugees and their host communities. The RIF pilot, which launched in 2022, focuses on Uganda and Jordan.


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About the unit

What is programme innovation and climate action?

Programme innovation and climate Action in DRC accelerate new ways of working, better impact and sustainable paths for the people we work for, and aim to make a strategic contribution to the humanitarian eco-system that DRC is part of. Working with wicked problems, new trends, and new approaches - DRC programme innovation support pilot, transition and scale of new solutions using technological advances, new insights and new partnerships.

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