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Field-led programme innovation (NOT IN USE ANYMORE)

Programme innovation in Latin America and the Caribbeans

The Latin America and the Caribbeans (LAC) region is a crucial area for displacement-focused humanitarian work. In particular, Colombia hosts one of world’s largest populations of Internally Displaced Persons, due to the protracted yet volatile internal armed conflict that has affected the country for more than 50 years. Besides this Colombia has been directly affected by the massive influx of refugees and migrants fleeing Venezuela. Venezuelan refugees and migrants are extremely vulnerable to multi-faceted protection risks, and face difficulties in meeting their basic needs, such as food, shelter, health, and education.

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01 Apr 2023

Mixed movements research through social media listening in the LAC region

15 Jan 2023

Digital inclusion and access to decent livelihood opportunities

15 Jan 2023

Mainstreaming Environmental Approach in DRC's Livelihoods Strategy

01 Oct 2022

Using The DEEP Platform for Qualitative Protection Analysis to Design Better Evidence-based Responses in LAC

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About the Programme Innovation and Business Engagement unit

What is programme innovation and climate action?

Programme innovation and climate action work in DRC accelerate new ways of working, better impact and more sustainable paths for the people we work for, and aim to make a strategic contribution to the humanitarian eco-system that DRC is part of. Working with wicked problems, new trends, new approaches and partners - DRC programme innovation and business engagement unit support field-led explorations for new areas of work, piloting, transition and scale of new solutions using technological advances, new insights and new partnerships.

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