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East Africa & Great Lakes

Programme innovation in Uganda

The current focus of DRC in Uganda is on the refugee situation in the West Nile and southwest regions as well as a focus on non-refugee humanitarian and development needs in the northern and Karamoja regions of the country.

22 Aug 2023

The scoping forestry project

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About the Programme Innovation and Business Engagement unit

What is programme innovation and climate action?

Programme innovation and climate action work in DRC accelerate new ways of working, better impact and more sustainable paths for the people we work for, and aim to make a strategic contribution to the humanitarian eco-system that DRC is part of. Working with wicked problems, new trends, new approaches and partners - DRC programme innovation and business engagement unit support field-led explorations for new areas of work, piloting, transition and scale of new solutions using technological advances, new insights and new partnerships.

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Regional Programme Innovation Coordinator - East Africa and Great Lakes