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Field-led programme innovation (NOT IN USE ANYMORE)

Innovation in the East Africa and Great Lakes region

DRC works with a wide palette of field-led programme innovation across Kenya, Burundi, Somalia, South Sudan, Tanzania and Uganda. Particularly, DRC supports innovative projects around innovative finance, climate adaptation, reforestation for carbon credits, environmental management, permaculture, digitalization, predictive analytics and private sector partnerships.

Innovation in the East Africa and Great Lakes regionView all news

22 Aug 2023

Fair recycling: A plastic recycling ecosystem in Kenya

22 Aug 2023

The scoping forestry project

14 Aug 2023

Exploring Digital Diaspora Investment Opportunities in Dadaab

01 Jul 2023

Rebuilding ecosystems and livelihoods in Rutana province

19 Apr 2023

Application of GIS System for Real-time Forest Cover Monitoring

01 Feb 2023

Digital jobs in Kenya with Amazon Web Services​

03 Nov 2022

BRCK innovative learning pilot​

13 Oct 2022

Energy and Environment Programme in Tanzania: Boosting Resilience of People and the Forest

10 Aug 2022

M-shule: Programme innovation pilot

05 Jul 2022

DRC Burundi: Partnering with Nature and People to Find the Solutions + Learning Brief

24 Nov 2020

Former DRC Country Director becomes permaculture farmer – David Kang’ethe

20 Oct 2020

Localizing regenerative solutions in Tanzania

Innovation in EAGL by country:

Programme innovation in Burundi and Tanzania

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Regional Programme Innovation Coordinator - East Africa and Great Lakes

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About the unit

What is programme innovation and climate action?

Programme innovation and climate Action in DRC accelerate new ways of working, better impact and sustainable paths for the people we work for, and aim to make a strategic contribution to the humanitarian eco-system that DRC is part of. Working with wicked problems, new trends, and new approaches - DRC programme innovation support pilot, transition and scale of new solutions using technological advances, new insights and new partnerships.

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