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South Caucasus

DRC has been operational in the South Caucasus since 1999, with support to internally displaced persons at the epicenter of DRC interventions. Addressing a multitude of vulnerabilities in a responsible way and engaging in poverty reduction remains central to the work of DRC in the region. We therefore engage in a range of activities responding to urgent needs, and work to strengthen the resilience of people affected by both new and protracted displacement in South Caucasus.

Julie Overgaard

Current situation

A large number of internally displaced persons in the South Caucasus region are in need of humanitarian aid and related support. Displaced populations here are highly vulnerable, along with other mar­ginalised groups in communities hosting them. This creates needs for spe­cial considerations to maintain social cohesion and support to ensure that people have adequate access to protection, social services and income generating opportunities.

The vast majority of internally displaced persons registered by Georgian authorities reside in the Samegrelo region in the western part of Georgia. In addition, around 50,000 Georgian so-called 'returnees' reside permanently in an area in the north-eastern part of South Caucasus. Due to complex power dynamics in the region, this group has been registered for decades as internally displaced persons according to Georgian law since their spontaneous returns to places of origin following a multilateral agreement signed in 1994 under the auspices of the United Nations.

Core sectors South Caucasus

Economic Recovery
Humanitarian Disarmament and Peacebuilding
Shelter and Settlements
Camp Coordination and Camp Management

Displacement trends

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Why we are there

DRC’s presence in the South Caucasus is unique, with access granted to vulnerable populations including several groups of internally displaced.

Through its presence in several areas of the South Caucasus where humanitarian and socio-economic needs related to displacement are widespread, DRC provides a range of services and assistance to meet these needs and strengthen resilience among the vulnerable and conflict-affected populations.

What we do

Activities that positively impact the lives and livelihoods of internally displaced persons remain a focus of DRC in South Caucasus. To support the integration of internally displaced, DRC works within five areas:

  1. Economic Recovery
  2. Access to Social Services
  3. Technical Assistance
  4. Shelter and Housing
  5. Small-and medium Scale Infrastructure projects

At each level of decision-making (central, regional, municipal, district or village/com­munity), DRC in the South Caucasus continuously engages to advocate for the effective protection of local populations of concern, and to promote the rights of the displaced.

Working in collaboration with

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